You guys need serious PR changes


…And by changes, I’m referring to having any PR whatsoever. AoE is what made me love PC games when it was new and I was like 12 years old and I’ve loved every AoE. I’ve also played many other games, and this community is by far the most ignored I’ve ever seen.

You need to hire somebody who has real passion and vision to hire their own team to promote this franchise; building it on Twitch, social media, and giving real feedback and updates on the forums. You guys have such a great opportunity here. Your only genre competitor is Starcraft, which is much more fast-paced and based on space/future/alien stuff, which means you could dominate with the early humans/history/strategy stuff.

Even I could do this job if I had the support and funding, so it can’t be hard for you guys to make this an awesome franchise for years to come.

Please don’t just abandon this franchise. You have a golden goose here.


They do PR and have a weekly show on Mixer and Twitch. You even have the chance to win the game for free if you watch their shows live at!