You have to understand the differences between civilizations

I think there are too many acts in this forum that shout, “This is too strong to be nerf,” without understanding the differences between civilizations.

For example, they say English LB & RAM rush is too strong.
But in fact, RAM has been nerffed now, and TC has been changed to select an attack target.
Nevertheless, they say they should be more nerfed, saying they are damaged by England’s LB & RAM rush.
England is currently very difficult to end the game with an LB & RAM rush, and if it’s over with some damage, it won’t benefit much. (The price of RAM is not cheap at all.)
And from age 3, England becomes very weak. This is the characteristic of this civilization and the difference from other civilizations. Without understanding this, you should not exaggerate what you felt was strong due to your skills. (Whether you neglected your reconnaissance or your defense wasn’t good)

I think China is the same.
Firelancer has a strong performance compared to the price and can surprise the opponent’s landmarks.
However, Firelancer can only be conscripted when it becomes the WON dynasty. It’s a very difficult option to achieve. What did you do until the other person became the WON dynasty?
Firelancer’s landmark surprise can also be defended through stone walls.

Why do you criticize the other person’s effective tactics while performing only what you want to do?
Of course, it is true that the unit balance needs to be adjusted, but you should not exaggerate your opponent as OP after doing only what you want to do without strategic thinking.

Mongolia is OP.


English is super civilization WTF!

They get 25-50% bonus attack speed on all units.
This means siege gets this effect too.
So simply go mass springalds and mangonels with cannons.
Build lots of outposts and forts because this is where the attack speed comes from.
You are simply a novice.

About “Fire Lancers”.
They are a super unit.
You said to build a stone wall against them. Yes, it works for most civilizations. Yes!
But there are “Rus and the Mongols”. Who do not have access to the stone wall!
The Chinese fire lancers just snipe the landmarks in just 5 seconds.
During this period of time, you basically don’t have any time to react.

After reading your comment, you are a beginner-level player. It is clear from what you have written here…

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