You prefer HD or DE soundtrack?

Which soundtrack do you prefer?


Can anybody help create a poll, I am unable to figure how to create one.

If you listen carefully, in this OST the HD version has surround sound effect where it affects each ear separately whereas DE is normal, no such 8D surround sound feel.

Here a pool showing who voted:

  • HD theme is better
  • DE theme is better
  • I like both equally
  • I do not like either
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Maybe I’m misremembering, but isn’t the HD soundtrack just the original AoK/Conquerors soundtracks in a compressed file format?

Yes so what is your point?

I’m not really trying to make a point, but it does seem odd to me to identify it specifically as the HD soundtrack.

HD is just a short name that came to my mind. Instead of using AoK and AoC. CD didn’t come to my mind while writing. Also people might not recognise CD.

I would say I have always preffered HD/ Original soundtrack more than the DE one… but maybe that’s just nostalgia


It’s not just nostalgia, HD actually beats DE in certain areas. Such as You prefer HD or DE soundtrack? - #2 by Hzdrafxx

DE is missing that sick bongo trill interlude at the 1:50 mark. DE in general sounds more ambient which diminishes the flavor of the melodic elements.

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I reverted to HD soundtrack as soon as HD came out via a mod, because the DE soundtrack is so lifeless and utterly without SOVL.


They are both good…the HD is more classic and nostalgic because of the midi audio, the DE feels more modern and orchestral (like those of AoE 3, AoEO and AoE 4)…

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also the original units sounds were clearly better, shorter and more crisp.
but you can use mods to use the orignal sounds ingame

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Of course, of course, lastly everyone can add a mod with the classic audios…

Didn’t expect the results to be so one sided. DE is being strongly liked by only 6% of the sample!

Questions of taste and customs I suppose…but liking both types of music is not a problem…