You promised optimize the game for IGPUs

The minimal gpu puts an intel hd 3000 (older than Hd 4000, minimum for AOE1DE), and some people is complaining about issues, if the game is very demanding with juts put wrong minimal specs that gives fake hopes to someone, is a bunch of nosense, you said that someone who meets the minimum could get to Beta but no.
I mean is a 2D game that consume a lot of RAM and you put that 4GB is ok… well I will expect a lot of refunds. but I will expect a response.


Are you trying to play with or without the texture pack?

How i can play with uhd pack, I only have 8gb and a ryzen y 2200u.

If you haven’t done so already, try installing the newest graphics drivers?

He is right, min. spec. info is wrong on steam

I have
i5 8600k
16 gb ddr4 - 3000mhz dual channel
Hd 630 iGPU (x4 stronger than hd 3000)

all graphic settings are off including UHD, i got 2 fps on benchmark with 720p lol.

Sorry, but Doomsday has begun, lots of refund are on the way


Like Neros said, developers are still working on improving performance. Sadly current minimum and recommended requirements are wrong. Later when developers have finished working on performance, they will hopefully update requirements and we will know, on which computers this game actually runs.

Also note, that released game has much better performance than beta, which means, that they have managed to improve quite a lot.
Integrated GPUs might be too weak to run this game in the end though.


We are still working on it, I can’t say exactly when the updates will come but they are coming.


i bought the Game because AoE 1 DE is running on my Notebook.
CPU: Intel i5 4210U
GPU: Intel HD 4400
Ram: 8GB
and the specs from AoE 2 DE said my GPU ist good. But now i only have flickering
on the screen. Now i have paid for a Game i Cant play.

That ist boring!

Greetz alt


Im sorry

but APU CPUS are not meant for Gaming
they are designed for Laptops or workstations.

they offer a great experience when u want to game on really low budget !

but if you want to game , please ! get a graphic card

personally i understand MS !

ehhh… the spec requirements stipulate integrated graphics…