You promised to blance but ignored Abbasids AGAIN then say it's not politics!


Some players saying politics involved with investors money and abbasids will always be the worst civ, after this patch you just proved they’re right

Since AOE 4 release you keep promising you will balance the game and buff Abbasids since they’re the lowest winrate and everyone can see they’re the worst civ ingame with the worst unique unit ingame… but after each patch we see no buffs to Abbasid but another promise you will buff them lol

You rushed abbasids so fast you forgot to give them their landmarks in a game that you built on landmark victory.

I hope your promises after every patch help Abbasids players but they don’t… and i don’t blame players who quit the game cause it’s so obvious you totally ignoring abbasids literally every patch absolutely zero buffs like they don’t exist.

Most of forums are full of players trying to help you to balance the game with ideas and reworks on how to buff abbasids and make it playable in solo or team matches and you promise next patch then absolutely nothing happens.


This is frustrating, hopefully the next patch has some big changes for Abbasids.

I really want to be optimistic.

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Every patch they promise on website or stream that they will buff abbasids and they know its the lowest winrate civ then totally ignore it and make a new promise.

Thinking about quitting like my friends this make no sense

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This has got to be trolling, right? Please, tell me it is.


I understand the frustration, but with the current changes it may be worth it to play the game after the patch comes out and see how the changes will affect the civ.
Pro scouts have been nerfed now and horseman has recieved a slight buff. Its likely that these changes might make the abbasids a bit stronger now since one of the reasons they were falling behind was due to how strong professional scouts build was and now they have more options for counterplay.

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Yeah, and it’s super sneaky they fixed Dehli, so it isn’t obvious!

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I really think you underestimate the effect politics has on games & the entertainment industry as a whole. Not that I necessarily believe OP to be correct but don’t just label it as troll. Investors have a huge say in the game as no money = no game. None of us know the intent of the people funding these games, so keep an open mind.


To be fair, Mongol nerfs in any way is a huge buff to Abbasids (also their only real archer counter horseman got buffed). Sure Abbasids need love, but this was the post holiday fix what’s broken with the game patch. The real spring update comes next month.

I’m sorry but no, nerfing another civ doesn’t fix Abbasid. Abbasid are plain and simple neglected, I only really started playing them recently, they are extremely fun, but why do they only have two landmarks? It’s so easy to die in landmark games, even if your eco and army are great, one group of fire lancers slips your walls and it’s over.

Why are camels still so expensive compared to other civ unique units?


I’m not saying it fixes Abbasids, but I imagine their winrate will jump by like 2% due to there being less mongols. Also camels arent that expensive compared to landsknechts, elephants or Mangudai. They did say (thankfully) that they will get love next month as one of the major balance notes.

That said this patch was basically the fix super broken stuff we left during holidays patch, closer to hotfix rather than being a balance patch.

Keep in mind when the French got nerfed and Mongols got super strong, Abbasids lost like 5% winrate, so balancing other civs (especially when there’s only 8) is really impactful even when they don’t receive changes.

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Abassid are lowest winrate since game got released no buff or nerf to any other civ changed that fact. gaining 5% winrate and still being lowest winrate buff means all other civs are still better and in HUGE advantage land or water

they need direct buffs to many things, alot of players gave devs alot of ideas they proposed even different reworks with numbers but apparently relic senior management refuse any buffs to abbasid cause devs agreed with the buffs

Abbasids were very briefly considered the best civ when the springald meta came about (especially vs French) before everyone realized Mongols did it better. I forget which tourney it was but it was dominated by Mongol/Abbasids/French and the French winrate was atrocious.

Really? They weren’t considered particularly weak early on. That’s a more recent development.
You’re saying they had a lower win rate than China when the game was released?

check data history your self

Can’t. It’s locked to the last 31 days, whereas the game was released 84 days ago

That’s a new website, the first data released on there is from 12/19 well into the current meta and 3 weeks after the springald nerf.

if it patches badly, they will have to make a patch to correct the errors of the patches, it already happened to age2, errors like these make the game unplayable until they correct it, which is much worse than nobody playing because of a bad “patch”, so it’s better slow but sure, you understand!

Now it is interesting to talk only about the Abbasids and not about Delhi because we know that Delhi is going to improve a lot, I suppose it will also be due to “political ideology”.

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Saracens have been the worst civ in AoE2 since I was a little teenager… Left there to die on purpose for 20 years.
Fantastic to see nothing has changed at all!
PS. Delhi has not improved “a lot”. Some techs are even slower now.

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man it’s written. They will do it in february. during this time play other civ ^^