You were dropped from the game because of a sync error

What game mode do you usually play?

We are a group of players who all play Yamato, always with these settings below.

Note: Map size varies depending on number of players in a game.

I noticed this is a top-view topic in the forum at the moment.

However, it has received little feedback from the other side, e.g. community manager, support, developers, etc., except for a canned response from @BBQTurkman “Thanks for the report xxx! This is now being tracked.”.

This makes me think that this forum is working in a one-way manner only, i.e. for users/players to report issues. That’s all. And so those who are reporting appear to be like “crying babies” to whom nobody is listening.

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Yes, communication has not taken place for a long time, if it ever did. According to the motto, if we don’t communicate anything, maybe the fans won’t expect anything either.


I played on Steam and this happened quite usually :frowning: This is so frustrating :frowning: We play All Random on 4 Players vs 4 Computers on Rivers map.

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This thread was created in Jul 2020, which is about 1.5 years ago. The issue still persists today on Steam… Usually, it hits around the 1-hour mark in-game for this issue to happen (I play Very Fast, so it should be around 30 mins in real-time).

At this point, we might be able to make a bet on how many views this thread got until devs decide to fix this issue…


Hey everyone,

Unfortunately this has been happening for 23 years. My family has a long standing tradition to play cooperatively against the computer, 2v6 on hard back in the day and 3v5 on hardest nowadays. This unexplained issue has been plaguing us for every one of those years. There is no explanation, I doubt that civs have any effect on it, I wouldn’t want to exclude any civs anyway because we always play nomad random.

In terms of when it hits it is inconsistent as well. Some days we will plays 3-4 games with no issues, however quite often we have in excess of a 75% failure rate. Once again it is totally random, sometimes you load into the game and make a few actions with your first villager and it drops. It does drop much more often right near the end of the tool age to early bronze age. That is the most likely time for it to drop.

23 years Microsoft…23! I absolutely love this game but I have gotten so frustrated with it so many times because there is nothing I can do to troubleshoot it and Microsoft has done nothing to fix it. Vanilla AoE to Rise of Rome, to the period of years I played it through an unofficial HD version until buying Definitive Edition when it came out. The problem persists.

Also, my gf bought the game but through Steam. We have incessant issues being able to invite/join each other’s games as well.



Yeah happens all the time to me and my bros. Some games somehow wer able to finish if theres not too many players. But its so annoying when it happens so often. And the fact that they still havent fixed this bug…Its been around for so long. They just dont care at this point. They got their money and dont care of the playerbase at all. Makes me so angry

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I feel with you, bro. :cry:

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Did anyone ever get an update on this? Me and a friend have started playing, probably around 10 games so far, and haven’t managed to complete a single one due to this sync issue. we’ve tried multiple wifis all of which have been fast and reliable at playing other resource-intensive games

2023 and this error still exists. shameful

Because the game is abondoned.
Thats why it will exist forever.