You Were Right (For the most part) I am sorry

You probably don’t want to hear this then, but you could do this without buying RoR. Use Modify Attribute to set a given building’s graphics to the Roman castle graphics (found in AGE). Incidentally this is one of the first things I tested before deciding to hold off on RoR for a while.

Oh, I definitely was being negative, but not without reason.


Reading this, not every graphic can be modified with triggers. Garrison, damage and snow, for example

you can always wait till sales like right now to pick up dlc for cheap. ror will be cheap next year sametime


That is a good advice for those who have not buy it yet, or for those who doesn’t own AOE1.

For the rest of us, we are stuck with our purchase regardless on how much sucks.

Yes. Usually we get 1 pay2win civ, a few decent campaigns, and 1 mediocre but good for Blackforest civ. This time 0 campaigns, 0 pay2win civs, just 1 decent civ.

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The new marketing strategy of XBox mode and ROR seems to be centered around creating massive amounts of content for the smallest niche parts of the player base and hoping that by luck they appeal to the broader community.


Lol I guess I could try to play the Romans in Aoe2 and Aoe 1.5

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I agree that it’s a scam… Microsoft should have sold two options: ROR + Romans civ for AOE2 and only Romans civ for like 5 USD.

In this case I would have bought only the Romans and 5 USD would have been ok. But most of players of AOE2 do not care about AOE1 and do not player ROR at all.


Or release the two of them separately but with a bundle.

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I guess you can add the romans with another dlc,2 new civis and romans for free.Problem is it will have to come with another European dlc which people dont seem to like.

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Play them, they are very good, they have no waste at all…


Yes, I was going to buy it, but since it was kind of expensive, I ended up buying Fallout 76 and Titanfall 2 xd instead…

It’s just that it’s still AoE 1 after all… and obviously it can feel weaker if you come from more modern games in the saga…

It is that it is… RoR IS a dlc for AoE 1, not for AoE 2, only because time and the engine did not allow them to create dlcs for AoE 1 DE, they decided to simply port 1 DE in 2 DE and there yes, make it new dlcs from now on…the AoE 2 Romans are just a bonus so that AoE 2 players don’t eat them alive…

Yes, I have 1 DE, but since it seems that they are going to port the 1 DE campaigns to RoR and since I didn’t play it too much either, it doesn’t bother me either… the new campaigns with the 1 DE civs feel very powerful and at the same time Less more varied as it is set in a period other than the Middle Ages (that is, the ancient age) and they do not feel as repetitive as those of 2, because they almost always reuse the same civs of 2 (for example, the campaigns of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of 2 DE always faces you playing with or against Mongols, Turks or Tatars)…

It is that as AoE 1 DE failed they decided not to let it die but to merge it with 2 DE then it would “stay” alive as it is all in the same game… if the same thing happened to AoE 3 DE (I doubt it because it is another context and engine) rest assured that they will take a dlc out of AoE 2 from the “colonial era” xd…

New campaigns brought, only not for 2 DE (which after all is the same, because it’s still the same game)…

Don’t worry, they will bring more campaigns for RoR in the future (and otherwise you will have to wait until next year for another dlc for DE 2)…

Yes, the gameplay of 1 DE is very crude today…if I want something more modern, but with the period of 1 DE, I’m going to play AoEO…

I see it as unlikely since the dlc is the new civ of Lac Viet (RoR) and the Romans (2 DE) and then all the content of 1 DE plus the 3 new campaigns (Sargon, Pyrrhus and Trajan) and the 4 classic campaigns that they will put later (Ascent of Egypt, Glory of Greece, Voices of Babylon and the First Punic War with Carthage)…


Nice post a good resumen of this discussion :+1: :grin:

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Not all dlc’s have to be region focused. We could get a dlc about Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages with civs such as Vandals, Magadhi/Gupta, or a Hun split with the Hephtalites and/or Alchons.


All the other dlcs are region focused eastern europe western europe india.

Yeah, and? It doesn’t mean doing things differently goes against the laws of physic.


It could also be a north African or Middle Eastern DLC

Who can fit from those areas with Vandals?

Your insatiable desire for the Vandals has made me try to design a Vandals civ, but I’ve always reached a dead end, because no information on Vandal soldiers, technologies, or even social classes is available, which makes designing UUs and a UT other than Vandalism very difficult, not to mention the civ bonuses.

Gokturks, Tibetans, Khitans and Jurchens for a EastAsia DLC and new building sets for China/Tibetans.

I would go with Uyghurs, but combined with the presence of the Tibetans, that would really anger the CCP a whole lot.

“Game Banned in China” Any% Speedrun (WR)