Your 3 answers

First Question: Do you want new music tracks in the game? (Extended soundtrack - all the old ones stay but there are a lot of new ones). Answers Yes/No/I don’t have an opinion

Second Question : What potenial new civilization culture pack Dlc do you prefer the most? (Asian, American, African, East-European, West-European)

Third Question : Your Top 5 missing factions (order matters)
For example my personal answers:

  1. Yes

  2. American

  3. Tarascans. Kievan Rus, Tibet, Somalia, Georgia


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  1. I don’t have an opinion

  2. African

  3. No idea but anything that doesn’t have a no-cavalry history.

  1. Yes. Was dissappointed that the last DLCs didn’t include anything new on that regard.

  2. American/African

a) Misssissippians
c) Zimbabweans
b) Hisatsonim
d) Kongolese
e) Chimu

I really want some more Archer and Eagle Warrior civs.

1 yes

2 Africa in the first place. Later the Caucasus and East Asia


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  1. No opinion
  2. African
  3. Somalis, Tibetans, Tarascans, Nubians, Jurchen

Is this a continuation of another thread?

  1. I don’t have an opinion
  2. Mesoamerica
  3. Tarascans, Thai, Armenia, Georgia, Misssissippians,

(I also really want more African civs but you only ask for five options!)

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SMUM 15236 No. I just wonna try take everyone a chance to tell about potential new music and factions.

The slav civilization is already mostly based on the Kievan Rus, would this just be renaming it?

Slavs should be renamed to Kievan Rus. With more specific architecture , units , technologies and with own campaign.


Ok. I agree. The only thing is that in aoe2 the civs bear the name of an ethnicity or a particular group of people, not of a state or political entity. So I think they should be renamed to Ruthenians or Rus’, either are equally valid.
Regarding the campaign I think Vladimir the Great is the best candidate, but I would also love to play the Battle on the Ice with Alexander Nevsky

1 No opinion
2 Africa
3 Armenia, Georgia, Kongo, Kanem-Bornu, Thai

  1. Yes
  2. Africa or Asia
  3. No opinion as long as they’re balanced
  1. No opinion.
  2. None
  3. None
  1. Yes

  2. America/Africa (very large regions with tons of kingdoms and empires unexplored or misrepresented).

  3. There are too many to list from these regions. If I was forced to only 5 from the top of my head:

Purépechas, Chimú, Wari, Songhai, Edo.

But my list would look like this:
America: Purépechas (aka Tarascans), Mixtec-Zapotecs, Chimú, Wari, Mapuches.
Africa: Songhai, Yoruba, Edo (probably focused on Benin), Shona, Swahili.

1- yes. Honestly who would answer “no”, so long that the new music fits the rest of the soundtrack ?

2- East Asia

3- Jurchens (medieval Manchus), Tibetans, Georgians, Southern Slavs (Serbs Croats… good luck finding a civ name that doesn’t start another world war), Armenians

  1. yes
  2. Asian/American/African/East-European/West-European/Central-European
  3. Too many to list. If I was forced to only 5 from the top of my head:
    Netherlanders (Dutch), Croats, Vlachs, Jurchens, Bodpa (Tibetans)

But My list would look like this:
East Europe: Croats, Vlachs, Serbs, Albanians, Silesians
West Europe: Netherlanders (Dutch), Gaels (Irish), Bretons, Catalans (Aragonese), Navarrese (Basques)
Asia: Bodpa (Tibetans), Jurchens, Thais (Siamese), Ryukyuans, Nepali
Africa: Somalis, Congolese, Swahili, Kanembu, Nubians
America: Muisca, Machupe, Tupi, Wari, Purépechas (Tarascans)
Central Europe: Habsburgs (Austrians), Swiss, Swedes, Venetians, Saxons

  1. Yes. New music is always a good thing!

  2. American/African

  3. My top 5 [with preferred architecture]:

  • Siamese (Thai) [South East Asian]
  • Soninke (Ghanaians) [African]
  • Nubians [African]
  • Chimú [American]
  • Uzbeks [Central Asian]
  1. No opinion.
  2. China
  3. Nubians, Benin, Jurchens, Khitans, Tibetans
  1. Yes

  2. Asian/African/American

  3. Depending on the region, there’re many that I could think of (the ones with brackets have a lower potential than the ones without brackets)

East Asia: Dians, Jurchens, Tanguts, (Ryukyuans)

Central Asia: Gokturks, Sogdians, (Tibetans), (Uyghurs)

SE Asia: Chams, (Moluccans), Mons, Siamese, (Visayans)

South Asia: Sinhalese (that’s the only one I could think of that hasn’t been covered)

Caucasus: Armenians, Georgians

Africa: Congolese, Ghanaians, Kanembu, Songhai, Somalis, Swahilis, etc.

North America: Haudenosaunee, Hisatsinom, Mississippians

Central America: Tarascans, Zapotecs

South America: Chimus, Mapuches, Muisca