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I don’t think Oriyas, Assamese, Nepalese, Deccanis, Kashmiris and Sindhis are covered in any way, actually. Dravidian umbrella covers Kannadigas and Tamils but it can be split like Slavs or Indians. I guess an Indian history expert could enlighten us.

I’m not that familiar with South Asian history. And also I think while some splits can be good, infinite splits and subdivisions are detrimental to the game.

  1. Yes

  2. East Asia and Europe

  3. a) Tibetans
    b) Jurchens
    c) Saxons
    d) Bavarians
    e) sometihing that legitimates a norse architecture set :smiley:

  1. Yes. I always enjoy the main music tracks more than the civ themes.
  2. I’d probably enjoy Asia most, especially if it had campaigns for the existing Asian civs who don’t have them, but I think it should probably be Africa or America.
  3. I’m not really that bothered about new civs, to be honest.
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Anything from Asia

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