Your favorite opponent resigning excuses i.e. poor sportsmanship

Since ranked came out, the competitiveness is really high even in the lower ELOs. The bottled up anger of the opponent you can sense through the game. This game - it really hurts to lose, and it feels really great to win.

I don’t know if it’s just in the lower ELOs, but what are some of your favorite losing opponent excuses i.e. poor sportsmanship you have witnessed?

I’m seeing a recurring pattern of providing an excuse with a resign.

My opponent had very little resources and economy as it was obvious I won at this point:

opponent: Im bored

Another favorite one of mine. I was winning no way I could throw or lose.

opponent: I have to leave anyways

A more recent one after this update, and right before they resigned

opponent: I have been playing against english all day

Playing against a new player when qualifying for ranked

opponent: cheater



Did you make this thread to gloat at others’ negative experiences in game?

It is a bit ironic that you mention sportsmanship and then you make a thread like this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Negative experiences? It’s called controlling your emotions.
It’s called having a sense of humor and laughing at the poor sportsmanship. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it.

It’s like you’re defending poor sports, and I don’t see anything wrong with mocking their bad behavior. It’s not to gloat, but to show that these players cannot say, “good game” and come up with an excuse as to why they lost. I’m sorry you can’t humor in that. It’s never about, “what did they do wrong in the game”, it’s always about coming up with some excuse instead of saying good game. It’s sad, but I can find humor in it. Learn to laugh a bit bud.

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Well I found them quite funny! They need to take some tips from the AOE2 AI when it comes to resign excuses though.

“Forsooth! All my starting villagers were male, no wonder thou were victorious! I shall resign”

Although the AI does at least acknowledge it lost haha.


Drumsin this is so strange.

You mention in your OP that this game is frustrating to lose, so your opponents types some message coping with their frustration. You then proceed to ridicule your opponents after you’ve beaten them.

And you don’t see anything wrong with such behaviour?
A good sport would laugh it off and move on, not gloat on a forum about others feeling bad about themselves.

Tone down the toxicity please

SzayelForsaidh, this so strange.

I don’t, because I’m not the one losing control and being the bad sport. Especially if I lose, I’m not calling people a cheater. It’s like you’re shaming me for laughing at bad behavior.

Learn to distinguish between laughing at toxicity, and being toxic please.

Homie’s just posting about some funny resignation notes. Nobody in particular is called out, and it’s all in good fun.

There’s enough legitimately toxic stuff on this forum. No need to try and beat up on OP for a humourous post.


Good grief, we’re calling a little light ribbing of poor sports “toxic”? Get a grip.

Anyway, back when I played AoE3 I played against someone who (while losing badly) told me his house was on fire and resigned. Another guy said his apartment was being broken into :flushed:

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Mongols are so OP

After I finally managed to win with them once :smiley: I don’t say they are not OP, but on average ELO levels the player skill difference is more important than what civs has to offer. For each civ, you need to learn their specifics, and even so, if other player is better, doesn’t matter what your pick is.

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Only your last example is a display of poor sportsmanship, i have no clue how you interpert these messages this way.
“I’m losing and too bored to try for a comeback”
“I lost, atleast I can leave to do my thing now”
“Im fed up on english”

Nope - try again. I don’t have to convince you because they were not your games. Your opinion is your own, and not accurate.

One time on aoe2 I started to turn a game around I was losing with some effective raids and micro and the guy said I’d already lost and he was too bored to continue the game to win and resigned. I’ve given a few unnecessary comments regarding the balance of mongols when I’ve lost to them but haven’t experienced much chat on aoe4 in general tbh.

No wonder they get frustrated playing vs and losing vs english every game. English are very hard to deal with. They seem to have no weakness. Except maybe french if the french gets in some good raids.
Saying “i’ve been playing against english all day” isnt’ bad sportsmanship. It’s not an excuse. It’s just someone that’s tired of people like you.