Your opinion about this match


I had a discussion about the match, if it was over or if we could fight back here (in term of our elo).
I just wanted to know from you guys, if you see this match lost at the point where the “gg” was called or if there would be any chance. In my opinion, it was 100% over.

It would be very nice if you could take a look at the recorded game I am attaching here and tell me your opinion! :slight_smile:

pretty over match

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I’m going to update this comment as time goes on, but some tips:

  • don’t make your main gold (and stone) part of your walls. if your enemy makes any ranged units, you’re off from your gold. It’s also very inviting for the enemy to simply tower you. Especially as the two woodlines in front were easily wallable. (you’re also making it more difficult to develop your eco, since part of your gold is inaccessible due to your own wall)

  • this might be difficult, but try to get used to scouting your enemy’s base after you have found all/most of your resources. Just any info about what your opponent is up to will help you a lot. E.g. if you see the enemy is building ranges, you know what you can do to counter it. (maybe try control groupping the scout, so you can switch to it quickly) you basically only found your enemy’s base very late into feudal, and even then, only by coincidence that you clicked the enemy scout and followed him

  • market, use the market. when you have not enough wood to build anything, but also have 1.5k gold and 1.5k food, just rebalance your eco. you were struggling to make units because you didnt have wood to build more buildings, i saw that you were making the right units against the yellow crossbows in your base, but you needed more buildings to mass your numbers up. just buy some wood, slap down some more buildings and make units. Always try to spend your resources on something, they are useless if they are sitting in your stockpile.

  • same problem in imperial, you had thousands of gold, but didn’t use it. You’re mongols, you have amazing options when it comes to gold units. To me it seems that neither red or yellow were good with micro (e.g. red lost a villager to a boar in dark age), so 3 onagers from your 3 siege workshops would have most likely completely cleaned up yellow’s arb and treb push.

  • trade … trade is a good idea in team games, but when you have 5k gold, trade is not needed


No, that gg was definitely NOT too early. The match was 100% over.

You basically went down without any resistance, and the only reason it took so long is because yellow didn’t invest into more siege.

Final tip: Whatever happens, don’t get discouraged by the loss. We all win some and then lose some :slight_smile: As long as you managed to have some fun, and perhaps learned something from the game, that’s what really matters :slight_smile:


imo it was completely over, green was basically 1vs2 now and if though he was pushing red, there is no way he could win both once yellow starts attacking him

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Wow, thanks a lot for your great response my man! I’m very thankful for your detailed explanation! I’ll try to implement your tips :slight_smile:

And yes, your final tip is the most important! :slight_smile: