Your Typical Dravidian Comp

So what are your Dravidian army compositions on land maps?


Early game:
Either 1) Men-at-arms transition to Xbows upon Castle Age
Or 2) Feudal Archers.

After Castle Age is researched:
Started making Urumis alongside more Xbowmen.

Late Castle Age with a huge wallet:
Switched from crossbowmen to mass Elephant Archers.

Late game comp has EA and Urumis, along with LC if you have to work with Monks.

I know people are gonna say that mass EA is expensive and they shouldn’t make up the core of my army, but consider two factors:

  1. you build a large number of farms, or you built fish traps in water maps, or a small pond in land maps. This plus trade access and relics makes it possible for many EAs.
  2. Their durability is worth their weight in gold. If you are facing siege civilizations like Celts or Koreans, Arbalesters can stand so thin a chance.

Ele archers can take few more onager shots, and trust me, a huge EA army can do wonders in pushing. Just add Urumis for enemy siege weapons and skirms, and pikemen for cavalry units.

Of course, we all have different play styles.