ZeratoR announces Age of Empires IV Tournament/showmatch for Nov 14th

ZeratoR, french content creator, SC2/AoE2 commentator, among many other things, just tweeted that he will be hosting an event that includes a tournament for Age of Empires IV on November 14th. I don’t know french, so I have no idea about the format, so if any french speaker could check for more info, that would be great! From my understanding, he will be casting the match or matches alongside AlphaCast.

It’s also a LAN event.



I am french and I follow that steamer. He already made Aoe event with Alphacast on AOE 2 DE. That was basically a FFA between aoe semi pros as guests. So that would probably be the same type of event.

On the video it is written “multi formats”, so there may be not only FFA, but also FFA with special rules or other type of game. Zerator is very imaginative when he creates events so we could be surprised.

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