Zetnus Maps/Mods Feedback Thread

In order to do that, you must use create_object VILLAGER
The game specifically intercepts that and adjusts based on civilization.
It doesn’t seem to apply to villagers created with second_object.
So I think in the current state, you either have to sacrifice a bit of forest (to make space for villagers), or sacrifice the extra villagers. If/when additional UserPatch features are added, there might be other ways to address this.
I can play around with this a bit tomorrow and maybe I can come up with something…

PS: and entirely unrelated, I released a classic cliffs mod: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/2944/ (but the forum isn’t letting me update the main post anymore)

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Thanks, that’s the conclusion I came to as well, so I just have 2 different rms files in my Forest Nothing DE mod. There’s quite a bit of disagreement on whats the original Forest Nothing or what it’s supposed to look like. Same with the 999 taunts mod I updated for DE. A few different versions were floating around the game at different ages.
Didn’t you used have some graphic remover mods or was/am I confused?

Nope, that must be someone else

Request: a non data mod to disable the hero glow particle file

That might actually be possible. Maybe by replacing the texture file that has the glow sprites with a blank one…

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Yes I know you can do it, that’s why I requested.

The mod is ready, I just have a tiny issue…


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You forgot the file “heroglow_big” of Hero Elephants and Chariot…

I called it “heroglow_large” for some reason 11

Should be fixed now

Michi map should have 3 boars and 12 sheep. Those numbers need to be in the description.

Remove the wolves. Deer are kinda meh, they’re a little far from the TC and there’s only 4. It’s a lot better with 6.

There’s also just not enough trees. The land percent on the small forests needs to be increased to around 10%. The number of clumps can be reduced to as few as 8. There’s just a bunch of useless open land that can better be served by turning it into safe chop-able forest.

Thanks for the feedback. I will incorporate some of your suggestions. Should I bring back the forest along the edge? I originally removed it because some asked for cleaner trade lines…

Edge forests are okay as long as they’re not too thick. They provide a lot of the much needed trees. I’ve been playing with edges on with 5 layers. I think the right number is somewhere between 5-8 if you choose to keep edges. Even with edges off, the trade was still getting interrupted by all the small forests.

In DE, the trade carts are smart enough to reroute to the farthest market & every civ can now cut with onagers so it’s not as much of a nuisance as it was in AoC era.

I couldn’t figure out how to script a road in the backline for a guaranteed clean trade. That would have been cool, the cherry-on-top, but it’s the last thing I would worry about.

Take a look at the new version I just released

Much better. Very playable now. 9/10

IMO you can still bump up the size of the forest clumps 2x and but that’s just my preference. Bringing the edge forest back made a huge difference. There’s enough trees now for a ~2 hr game. If you do decide to remove or thin the edge forests in future updates, definitely remember to increase the clump size because the edge forest is where most of the wood is coming from.

Trees and mines spawning in the trade path is only a minor issue. They’ll all get cut down and mined out by mid-game. In 3v3’s and 4v4’s there will be 3/4 separate trade lines in the back anyway, and it would be hard to script the resources not appearing anywhere in this 12+ tile band. And if you did script it, it would look weird and bald.

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How does one go about creating/editing a random map script?

+1 to this. Hyper Random is my favorite map, but I have no idea how to customize the settings. In the mod description, it says we can change things like make gens with no water maps, but I have no idea how to do that. If you could either post some more versions of hyper random or post a bit of a guide in the mod description of how to do it that would be much appreciated.


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It is just a text file with /* comments that look like this */ and various definitions at the beginning that can be edited. However I should probably explain in better in the description. I could also offer more versions; which would you want to have?

A short description of exactly where and how to edit would be much appreciated and I think greatly increase the accessibility of the map to the community.

When I go to the “view rms code” on aoe2map.net you seem to already have an excellent description of what changes can be customized (didn’t know that was there before). Maybe also adding these potential change options to the map descriptions on the various download sites where you can get the map would be helpful. But I think a guide on how to make the changes would be most useful.

Imo I don’t think we need a ton of variation presets if people are able to make the changes themselves easily. There are simply too many options. Maybe a poll could be made and everyone could vote on which presets would be most popular, but I’m 100% content with just being able to customize the script myself.

EDIT: I saw your links above with the rms guides and was able to figure it all out with a little digging. Maybe just including the basics in the map description of where the rms files are located/where to put them, explain to open them as a text document (in notepad) and briefly how to edit would be useful. I think most AoE players know nothing about rms and could benefit from a brief note on how to customize your amazing map.

Thanks so much man. You’re a legend of the community!

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