Zhuge Nu: Why it has no bonus against any unit?

Zhuge Nu is a kind of repeating crossbow. It is not much armor-piercing, so it should at least do well against Light Melee Infantry like basic archers, gaining +5 against Spearmen, or gain +6 vs Heavy like crossbowmen (maybe +3?) :grinning:

According to Eric Wrobel - Balance Lead - in the last Dev Stream, he said something like “The Issue with the Zhuge Nu at the moment is that they basically Overkill everything massively”

So the issue with them is less the damage output but how to make them work in general. They tried out to add more Damage onto them and they still performed badly simply due to the fact that more damage is not helping against overkill. The solution out of Devs perspective for this is to Mass them more so they can hit more targets and spread their overkilling.

Therefore with Winterupdate they become cheaper.

So much for the thought process and the state of them currently, if that then actually balances them properly, we will have to see :slight_smile:

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Every time I tried build Zhuge Nu they die and do very little damage to mixed army.

The problem is their damage count as 4x3.

If I shoot any target with ranged armor, for example 3 (MAA or Knights) it deal only 1 damage which is completely sucks.

Even in double quantity this unit will be useless. It should have bonus against something to make it viable or increase damage to compensate ranger armor a bit.

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Yeah :point_up: or increase range to at least a grenadier or mangudai… they cant outrun a walking villager, and irl would still drop peasants like a gun… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: oooo make them have bonus vs villagers!! Since u get them fairly early… with a increased range they could be useful to slow down the opponent’s eco to make up for chinas lack of early offense

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One of their main issues is having slow speed and low range. They have the same speed as Crossbowmen, but they have even less range than crossbowmen and Archers: 4.5 range. So they can simply get kited by Crossbowmen and Archers.