Zoom distance at start of game

I have been playing with a 4k monitor for a few months now and finally got used to it and am enjoying it and then all of a sudden for no reason at all today when I started a game the zoom was ALL THE WAY ZOOMED IN and it went much more than ever before.
It’s completely messed me over, there’s now many different zoom scales and they all feel off.
Why is it different now with no patch notes or anyway to change it back without doing ANYTHING myself.
Seriously what a joke Microsoft.

It was a new patch a few days ago

Welp I have auto updates and play everyday yet it only started today for me as well as I DO NOT LIKE IT.
Seriously how do these clowns keep finding new ways to break things.

Why wasn’t this on my steam feed under the game?
Why did I have to come to this joke of a website just to find out what I already assumed.

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There are no patch notes for some reason this time…