Zouaves need a redesign

I simply cannot see the point of this unit.
It’s a skirmisher, but compared to Jaeger, it has more hp (320 vs 250), and slightly higher base damage (37 vs 30) but with no multiplier and shorter range (why would I need an all-purpose skirmisher in the first place?), and cost 400 gold?

I feel they need either (1) an even higher base damage OR (2) multipliers similar to regular skirmishers (could be lower like 1.25x heavy infantry) (3) a lower cost.

What do people think about this unit? How would you re-design it so that it does not overlap with Jaeger?


It could be a state militia type unit, still good against the same units as a skirm/ jaegers slightly better against cav, less range, fast, high damage output

I do think that is the original purpose of this design. But the actual stats feel underwhelming.


Yeah, maybe it should scale in hit Points as you get more of them just like state militia, with a cap of either 15 or 20

I think this unit is pretty interesting. It does not have a negative multiplier vs cavs like other skirm or archer type units. The point being, Jaegers get hard countered by melee cavs and Zouaves don’t. They seem very deadly in ranged combat. The 400c cost is unbearable though, when you can have units like Mamelukes and Elmetis for the same price.

They need to reduce the coin cost by 100c and increase the base damage to like 40 - 45. Their imperial attack should be around 80 damage.

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