0 points for winning a match

Hi guys! I played and won my first ranked match today, but got 0 points. I crushed the guy (something like 7000 points to 2000) so I guess I shouldn’t get that many points, but I got 0. None. Why this happens?

If it was your first ranked game ever it should show your provisionary rating and next to that +0. The rating you have there is basically the one you got after your first win. I dont know why it shows +0 in that instance but you got yourself what is shown there (Median rating is around 1000).

Other than that, there are some instances in especially tg’s where the rating deviats so much, that your ranking (meaning elo) wont increase b/c the odds were so much in your favor. Like 2000 avg vs 1000 avg.

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Thanks man! That was what happened.