+1-2 range melee castle cavalry unit for one of the new civs

Going down the list of what we have so far in terms of castle unique units -

Elephant civs; plentiful

Cavalry melee civs; plentiful

Cavalry archer civs; plentiful enough

Archer civs; plentiful

Infantry melee types; plentiful

Meso type civs; could be increased

Ranged melee types; diverse, but have room for more;
We have frank and saracen melee throwers, and (I guess malian Gbeto? However as far as the Kamayuk, it could most certainly have a cavalry type similar to the steppe lancer except different and from the castle, likely with a +2 range lance to allow for the cavalry to attack similar to a kamayuk in groups.

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2 units is plentiful?

we still dont have a monunted xbow unit.

No skirmisher uu yet.

No halberd No pike No great sword No mace and plenty more types of melee weapons missing.

How would this be a different category they are still melee or ranged foot man.

That doesnt make a unit unique.

Either way, yeah this post is fairly silly

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We dont have any generic units armed with an axe still so a change of weapon can be considered a uu.

Sorry, but thats extremely dumb. UUs have to be “unique” to get added. Literally the only UU without some kind of gimmick when compared to a generic unit is the war elephsnt and thats because they needed new generic eles. Weapon doesnt matter at all if you can make the unit unique.

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I know its really dumb but we have 4 foot units armed with axes as uu’s already. Ideally a sword would fit a uu better axes were always tools used as weapons.

Yeah but those units have gimmicks to be added, they dont just get added because they have a cool weapon. And axes were more common than swords in western warfare because it was cheaper so it isnt that inaccurate anyway. Whats more inaccurate is having so many civs with swordmen as their main infantry unit



Something like this would be cool (no stable meso civ, yet the castle unique unit being a cavalry unit)

(The cavalry defense upgrades, tho non-existant for meso civs, would be added to the base form in a balanced extent and later to the elite form to a balanced extent without researching a blacksmith cavalry defense upgrade)

Cool yes but out of the time frame of aoe2.

Surely there’s an indian type civ that had its roots before or near the 1500’s / and the horsemen cavalry castle unit would symbolize that it didn’t come until a while later

The Xolotl warrior being an example

I dont think they adopted horses for a while after 1600.There are plenty of other civis that can use a lancer cavalry unit but it still looks like a variation of the SL to me.

North America didn’t get horses until 1540. They didn’t become widespread until well after

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Only meso civ I can see getting cav is Mapuche

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I would like to see a civ with the bonus “light cavalry has +1 range” but no bloodlines.
That could be really interesting civ with a lot of early agression potential.

I also think devs missed the opportunity to give the winged hussars (as a UU) 2 range. That would have been really interesting, new kind of gameplay that would have been possible with that.

Winged hussar with +2 range would make elite steppe lancers even more non-existent than they already are tho. Ig you could technically give +1 range to said elite SL but I don’t think buffing Mongols SL is a good idea (I’m not against the idea to remove SL from Mongols tho)

I mean battle elephants are a variation of the war elephant, I don’t see why there can’t be a stronger castle-based unique unit variation of the steppe lancer

Mongol steppe lancer is strongest in Castle age, but I don’t think ESL of mongols would be problem. They lack armor upgrade which is crucial. Best Steppe Lancer in imp is Tatars steppe lancer with extra armor.

ESL is still weak unit with having no advantage over Knight line/Hussar line in imp though (regardless of civ). Especially ESL upgrade cost too much by giving just +20 HP +2attack (Cavalier upgrade is much cheaper with same stat increase). Only Castle age steppe lancer (especially mongols) can have purpose with raiding through wall with less pike weakness.