1 minute to build an outpost is really long. Please consider reducing the build time

I know the build time was extended to 1 minute to discourage dark age tower rush, but I think the low HP is good enough.

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I like to play mongols and english like zerg in terms of creep tumors just with towers and i agree, i takes too long. I was thinking about reducing cost, build time, health and Vision for building a bare version, that can be upgraded to the current version for a total of the same cost and buildtime

You just need to build it sooner to have it up and running before any early aggression. It’s just another way to play in the dark ages, scouting for intel and securing your resources with strategic put Outposts for upcoming early rushes.

Or build wooden walls to buy you some time but either way, you go you must sacrifice wood at the beginning for your defenses.

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I’d rather make both towers and forts take longer to build, but boost their HP.


Use more than 1 villager

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it seems that they have been absent in the forums!, this survey is recently. If this depended on me I would close this thread, bye

:joy::joy::joy::joy: The arrogance

Irrelevant polls are irrelevant polls. This has 129 votes which based on which is less than 1% of current peak of players from steam charts as of rn. Plus because sample size is too small its way too easy to manipulate those numbers to look better. It would only take 40ppl to have it 64-66 so its completely irrelevant and stupidity to try make balance decision on such polls because it doesn’t represent community at all.

Then the fact that it depends heavily where polls are made. On forums or reddit polls get very different results from what we can get from some streamer made polls. So yeah even more irrelevance to community polls which has less than 1% of community participating.

Get a poll with at least 1k responses and we can have some sort of argument because then the poll is more reliable but still not good at all. To make relevant poll we need to select x amount of players randomly to create fair poll.

If you say its impossible, its not but hard, but still wont make irrelevant polls better or viable method of asking opinion of community

I also think output takes too long to build. Building defensive outpost takes too long when someone is trying to raid you.

They don’t need to idle villagers to build outpost so you end up wasting villager time and get behind.

Do a 1k interview if you can, the post was seen by 3k users, but the trend can’t change

There were already threads on the subject, you should not create several threads on the same topic just to “promote my opinion”, it’s as if I made a thread about the low health of the siege or the low cost of the arite, all these and the tower rush This has been discussed quite a bit in previous threads.

Construction site has shadow villagers working on it in light speed. It should take a year but it takes few minutes.
Forgot this is a game. :joy:

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Why should I be doing anything? Im not linking irrelevant polls that has no relevance to anything. Nor im interested enough to try to do relevant poll because its too much of work when it achieves and does nothing.

So post was seen viewed by 3k times which doesn’t equal to 3k ppl. 1 person may have checked the post 2k times and rest were individuals so you get the point?

Again just irrelevant things trying to prove something thats not proven by anything that the polls suggest. I have seen poll where something like 60-80% wanted to keep outpost rush un nerffed and yet Im not here trying to link it and justify something.

These polls are irrelevant and represent nothing but fraction of fraction and means nothing if you cant understand that then I recommend stop doing polls or trying to link them because they mean nothing.

You do realize that tower rushing isn’t talked about at all here. Just the building time of outposts as such. The health of a tower currently already discourages tower rushing for most.

And looking at tower build times in relation to keep build time, they could be a tad bit faster indeed.
Stick to the topic at hand, this poll is irrelevant

The meta is already leaning a lot towards multiple TC builds and defensive play, buffing tower construction speed will make the game leaning more towards that direction while buffing tower rush at the same time so in my opinion it doesnt seem like a good change.