+1 more card deck limit?

Since last updates a lot of Nations/ Civs got more cards, what is really cool.

It is possible to increase the Card deck limit for all civs by one?

Would be awesome because I have always the feeling if I would have one more card in my deck it would be perfect :smiley:

What do u think guys?


If you add one more, others will complain too. I think that in 2005 the limit was just 20, so you are lucky.

Choosing cards is the best part of this game haha. You have to give up some to get others


Rarely can you send all 25 cards so that shouldn’t make a big difference.
But I do think the card slot for each age can be increased by 1 (without changing the overall limit) because I always find age 2 card slot extremely crowded, and that’s partly the reason why some cards are never considered.


I remember that editing a text file could achieve 44 cards.

I would say that for NR mode there should be at least 30 cards available. And as he said @ArrivedLeader22, increase the limit of cards available for each age.


Agree, +1 slot more is a nice idea.

In many decks I hope 1 or 2 slots more…

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Maybe the best solution would be to allow more cards per age, currently, you can only select 10. Some civs like Aztec heavy rely on cards for age 2 and 3 but you can’t select them all. Either you choose treaty cards or rush cards.


I would like to see a “Large Deck” option for casual games, where you can have a 40 cards deck(10 for each age) and slightly faster shipments. But for serious games, I think the current limit of 25 is great.


yeah could be, Iam not sure.

Thats true, too hahahah Hate it just to choose sometimes so many cool effects. I still belive +1 is fair since we got and still get more cards.

Yeah kinda like a extreme Mode or something for imperial wars.

I play most times treaty. get often to that. But in quick games u right.

Thats true with age 2, one slot more would be fine there I agree with u on that.

Bump, I think it is still ok to get 1 more cardlimit.


There is the age old idea of adding Imperial Age cards to the game.
This would of course need a higher card limit maybe 30 cards.


It changes the balance to the game having an option for an extra card per age. Especially for age 2 focused civs. Benefits Russia, Hausa, some Chinese strats, probably Italy

idk… most of time i can’t even manage to ship all cards from the deck before the game is finished .