1 strat maps

Anyone else super sick of these 1 strat maps? Mainly Hideout with Towers + MAA, Acropolis with scout rush, islands with fire galley rush.

Seriously what else do you do on hideout other than tower + MAA? Or scouts on Acropolis or fire galley on Island? Do you make a transport ship in dark age and then go MAA rush? Great you have to kill at least 4 villagers just to compensate for his fishing ships that he made in dark age and if you make any of your own they are going to die because he will make fireships faster than you…

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I think you need a break from the game.


I honestly do I get so mad everytime I play this game. I just want old aoe back so I can play arena random civs all day but now I cant even look at that game after seeing DE graphics

You can always try your creativity with new strategies, new combinations and new civilizations. It’s not always about winning.

You do not have to play the meta strat each game…

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Sneak an archery range on Acropolis. Become a Legend. I believe in you.