10-15 mins to the game what size army do you have?

Honest question. Watching some playbacks this morning and I am curious about 10-15 mins in what size army do you have with what civ. I am always lagging behind with my army

Sounds like a scouting issue. Wouldn’t recommend arbitrarily building units, will create a new issue. Scout enemy blobs and production buildings ASAP.


‘Lagging behind’ what?

Do you have an strategy you plan on executing? Like raiding your enemy with Knights or Horsemen? Making crossbow against an armored army? Do you plan to act actively or reactively?

I don’t understand what you mean by lagging behind. You don’t need an army to be bigger than your enemy, you need an army that counters your enemy’s, or one that fulfills your strategy.


With mongols i usually have an army size of 20 from around 10min mark that i slowly buildt up bigger until i hit castle

Then you start naking several production buildings and start making a sizable army

But ny initial early forces i use to apply pressiure on the enemie and force then to react the way i want them.

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It depends heavily on situation. I ago aggressive castle timing. I would recommend you trying to be aggressor and see how opponent reacts and what is enough for you to push to victory. Too many AOE4 players think they should stick inside base for 20-30 mins and then start pumping units.

I solely play 2v2 but when I hit castle around 7-8min mark and put stables up usually my enemies do not have understanding whats coming towards them. Even if they scout my base they don’t see anything so they not expect anything. But If I drop stables in feudal they already got spears up so its harder for me.

After that I simply have constant production from 1 stables supervised by IO meaning its 2.5 stables and I never stop, but key part is to keep units alive as long as possible and waste opponents time running around

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Usually up to 11 min (Feuderal) I have 10 archers
after 11-15 min (Castle) I’ll have 4-5 knights ready to raid + few Xbows and my 10 archers

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It really depends on what strategy you and your opponent are doing, by 15 mins you could have 8 production building pumping out units with 1 tc, or you could have 3 TCS and 2 stables with some Knights raiding, it just really depends. My best advice is to scout what your opponent is doing and adapt, make counter units and utilise your civs strengths.

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Scouting is your friend, and it depends on your strategy. If you planning an early rush, you should have about 20-30 millitary units. But if you choose fast castle or boom it makes sense, you will have less units. For example nowadays I am playing as abbasids with defensive tower strategy I have only two millitary production buildings against rushes, on the other hand if i see my foe is not rushing, I go for an extreme boom and reach castle as fast as I can to collect relics and produce harder units. As delhi u should have more units to defend sacred sites and do some push against other player. As english some early pressure is necessery I think, longbows can have some vill harassment. In a nutshell it depends on what your foe’s doing. Chinese have also good defense and booming capabilites and a bunch of chu ko nu can be helpful against rushing. You should keep in mind other things. Being left behind always with your army size, could mean a lots of things. For example your apm (actions per minute) is too slow, or you simply organize your resource collection and usage in a wrong way. Anyway do you play teamgames? Beacuse that would be a completely different ballpark.

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Thanks for the help! I need to work on balancing my resources and building an army. I play mostly french