10/28/2021 knocks on the door


It will break out on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

Is there reason for joy or not?

As everyone knows, the game is full of shortcomings, which we have been solving here for a very long time.
And I don’t even know if anyone from the developers has ever commented on this.
What bothers the community about everyone knows?

3. Arrows do not fly from the bow
4. Bad user interface icons.
5. Too much smoke from gunshots (can’t see the army)
6. Bad water
7. Uncontrolled siege weapons
8. poor visibility of projectiles from siege weapons.
And more…

And I would expect much more for 60 Euros.

These points were to be finished and polished.
I’m sad about that, but I can only hope that it will improve when I gave 60 euros.

So good luck and a lot of patience 10/28/2013.
Because we know that the game still has a lot of unfinished business.


What bothers me the most:

  1. Some unit animations are simply lacking
    a. Indian pikeman constructing a wall doesn’t have building animation
    b. Indian Elephant attacking a building or group of units doesn’t have proper attack animation.

  2. The Holy Roman Empire is basically an unfinished civilisation. An empire that lasted for 1000+ years should have more unique units similar to how Chinese have a lot of unique units. This post perfectly outlines it: HRE - Uniqueness, mechanic and army rant. There is a lot of potential lying fallow

  3. User Interface needs improvement.
    a. Unique styling per civilisation
    b. More interesting icons for units and upgrades


Once it’s all fixed, I’ll be happy.

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I hope better UI and hotkeys for the competitive one.

What I do know is that the game will be fun and accessible for many PCs, even if it is sacrificing graphics.


Is it just me or do these video clips look fantastic?