%100 Cpu usage ,%5 Gpu usage After Hotfix Update

This happens after 35-40 minute. my fps going to 2-3 fps after cpu gone very high. this started happen after hotfix and anniversary update. my pc specs passing recommended settings. take a look, am i not passing ? DxDiag.txt (144.3 KB) 940mx, i7-7500u 12gb ram.

i m waiting a fix for 2 month. can’t play any 3v3,4v4 game. did they rised pc specs requirements, because definitely lowered performance. This hotfix update killing my cpu very very bad.

they don’t give attention to community’s problems. maybe we should buy a dlc for fix issues, this is only way !
anyone can help me if know fix ?

There is no fix. Most of us has problems with AoE II DE after anniversary update. The late 3v3 and 4v4 games runs like powerpoint and there is nothing much we can do unless developers will give us new patch with fixes ( but as far as I know, if that gonna be fixed other thing will be broken and so on ).

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The devs are back from their vacations, but they must be working only in the future dlc and new event mods or challenges, honestly guys i didn’t expect this issue to be solve anytime soon, simply it is not their priority.

I’d suggest you to fill a report complain in the special forum to that, this forum is only to demand for balance changes, new civs ideas, campaign contents and to pretend that nothing is wrong ^^


this is gold comment 11 11 11
and guys give a like to post more people should see

i want to meet with there test team and to congratulate

lucky you mine is locked to around 25% :clown_face: