120 villagers is enough

Yes,too much vils become the game a city builder than a RTS xd…


Contrary to what you think, less villagers means that players will play carefully with army and not just send them to die with 0 value, even deleting army to make more room for powerful units lol.

What you said is what I said, rebuild will be harder and people will play more defensive.

If lost my army can cost me a lot, then I will take less risk, and will try to build more walls and more keeps to secure my base.

To be honest it was fun to watch XD


Win is a win I guess no matter what the cost


Villager simulator.



These screenshots just seem like spam at this point.


new record!!


I don’t understand your point, people should be able to play how they want and not play how “You” would like

This is a game based on real-time strategies and do you think it’s wise to limit the players to what you want?


I agree with your point, game should be played like you want, but the problem is that you require a high amount of villagers to win, there is less army management and a lot of villagers, this makes ugly a s at the same time is not fun to watch.

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I don’t know what do you think would change from limiting villagers, because if you see tournament matches, despite pros having a lot of villagers they use every single resource.

Limiting villagers would only make the game slower if you don’t modify the villagers collecting rate…

Also this is a RTS game not a total war, large epic battles are not assumed.

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Be careful, that’s not bad… that’s how you win by defending the wonder… it’s still valid…

Yes, that’s why I prefer 40-50 villagers to maintain an orderly economy and not have to do too much macro…if I want to have too many villagers collecting resources, I’d better play sim city or farmville xd…

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My intention is that the Meta favors producing military units and being aggressive, if producing 150 villagers works it is because the Meta favors them with a boom strategy

But I do see pros and no pros gain advantage by being agressive.

Me for example, yesterday, played against french as english, done a lot of longbows and spears and erase that guy in feudal.

Playing as Delhi the same, a lot of military is done in feudal to get sacred sites and raid enemy.