16/21:9 on 32:9

Good evening, I have been trying to play AOE IV on my 32: 9 screen since yesterday but I can’t because either I keep everything to a minimum or I play at 30fps, I would like to scale the resolution to 16 or 21: 9 but it is not possible to do so, in when the game goes under the taskbar in the window, there is no way to play in full screen by scaling the ratio to 16/21: 9

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That’s more of a Windows problem than an AoE4 one.

Your GPU is not good enough to power the game with your full resolution.
Most 32:9 monitors have a mode where they act as 2 16:9 monitors by plugin in 2 HDMI/DP cables.

I would prefer a simpler solution than playing on half-monitor on the left rather than in the center

Solution ideas :

  • Add padding on UI so that the UI isn’t in the far corner.
  • Add a 21:9 and 16:9 game ratio while keeping the 32:9 resolution (with fixed images on the sides like in the menu)

Looking forward for a solution ! (and don’t talk about 2 video input, making the game 16:9, BUT on side of the monitor which is a pain for my neck)