19-03-2020 | Fixes / features / ideas / bugs:

Hi, let me start by saying I’ve been playing aoe2 multiplayer on quite a high level for approximately 10 years already.
AoC, HD, Voobly, DE - I know them all.

Hence I know how the game has evolved and changed over the years, expansions, platforms.

The purpose of this topic is to give information to the team of developers on what and potentially how they could improve Definitive Edition, what they should prioritize, which features are still needed, which bugs still exist and appear very often or have a significant impact on overall experience for the players.

  1. All units bug out when they are in a group
    and try to attack enemy’s unit that is suddenly outside their range
    but they still detect it as if it was reachable.
    Therefore resulting in a state of not moving or attacking
    any units even if there are other units reachable to them.
    It is exceedingly frequent when we’re talking about melee units
    that have 0 range which as I understand it
    means that hitboxes of units must intersect
    for the melee unit to attack.

  2. When you “patrol” ranged units (e.g. crossbowmen) on “stand ground”
    then after crossbowmen detect enemy unit in range
    they will follow that unit instead of
    staying on the track of the commanded path of patrol.

  3. When microing units - either melee or ranged - that is
    when the player tries to execute an order of commands:
    hit -> run -> hit -> run
    units cancel player’s run commands after few repeats and instead
    those units stop moving and keep attacking enemy’s units
    and they don’t respond to any further commands
    or they stop completely without doing any action
    and they don’t respond to any further commands.
    I wonder if that has anything to do with the way
    the server collects commands from the players.

  4. Cancel the queue of all units in the selected building
    past the icon that was clicked using RMB
    (cancel the unit that was clicked as well)
    or make a hotkey to cancel all queues in selected buildings
    (besides of age upgrades, preventing losing the game by a misclick)

  5. Units still bug out, stop moving and attacking
    on “passable” buildings - for example farms

  6. In the lobby (from the Lobby Browser) when one hosts the game
    with selected “Hidden Civilizations” in teamgames (4v4)
    when one player changes the color to the color that the opponent has
    they can see which civilization the player has chosen.
    Which is very problematic in community hosted tournament games,
    because people change colors all the time (especially when the option in the lobby called “Fixed Positions” is on) and by doing so
    they peak other team’s already selected civilizations.
    Potential solution: In hidden civ games
    when having the same colors only the person
    who is first in the lobby can change and see selected civilization
    once there are more than one person with the same color

  7. Add “Select all Markets” hotkey
    Add “Select all Idle Military Units” hotkey

  8. Create and implement Elite Petard upgrade
    (potentially higher attack to buildings,
    more hp and pierce armor)
    available in Imperial Age

  9. In game Profile section - statistics show
    the following information - Best Civ: NA
    which allegedly happens when 2 civs or more
    have the same amount of games won

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About 7), you may use the shortcut keys of the game to select all your markets. The same is for the Idle military units. These are the differences between some players, now. Somebody quicker find his markets than his opponents and win. Also, somebody quicker find his idle military units and win.
P.S. Somebody move better his military units than his opponent at hit and run and win.

But 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are good to be implemented and fixed. These are as bugs.

Just as a joke, about 8), it may be added elite petard for some civs- Saracens, Japanese. At the same time, for the other civs, may be added Anti- Spy( anti petard unit) which destroy petards and receive the price of the petard- 65 food and 20 gold to the owner of that Anti- petard unit. The anti- petard unit may just take the money which the suicide- bomber receive for his mission.

There are no shortcuts for “Selecting all Markets” nor “Selecting all Idle Military Units”
there are hotkeys for “Go to Market” and “Go to Next Idle Military Unit”, “Select all Military Units”, “Select all Visible Units” if that’s what you mean.

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8th number is more of a balance change than a bug.

some really good ideas here! hope the devs fix some of them at least

Hi I’m kinda new here, but since this patch, I start having the following issues:

  1. I also run into an issue where ordering a group of units to attack-move, now all units prioritizing forming up at the target location first then attack. Sometimes, my units decide to run toward the target location without attacking any one until all of them clump up into formation.

  2. When setting to defensive stance, sometimes melee units run away when attacked by ranged units instead of moving toward them to retaliate. It leads to sometimes, an archer just basically chases or kills off champions in defensive stance.

  3. Byzantine cataphracts now most of the time just sit around twirling their thumbs while my other units are fighting 2-3 tiles away. Especially when they first exit castles, it takes them a while to determine that they should be attacking enemy units. Most of the time when I unleash them into enemy towns they just run amok but when using them defensively, they don’t really know the purpose of their existence. Not sure if this issue only happens to cataphracts, it doesn’t seem to bother knights or light cav.

  4. Score screen sometimes display Society’s point wrong in overall score then correct itself if you click to another tab then back. Sometimes it shows I win with 390 soc.pts while my enemy has 7000+, then after clicking away and back i see they only have 260 or something.

Best regards,

Caught one more, it has been around for a while but because I don’t use trebuchets as defense so often.

  1. Sometimes, deployed trebuchets just randomly pack up and run away when attacked or if they attempt to attack units within minimum range. a lot of time, I just need them to stay where they are because we have ownagers behind to help protect them but they just randomly pack up and run away causing all the onagers behind them run away trying to make way for them as well.

  2. Mix up trebuchets and bombard cannon as defend is a bad idea because BC just run around and occasionally shoots, even on stand ground, while trebuchets keep packing and unpacking

  3. Monks and BC sometimes still hide away in the corner of the map for no reason.

  4. Sometimes when trying to move a group of units to a certain position, other group of units (especially those monks) hear voices in their heads and move around to random location without me telling them to.

  5. Villagers sometimes split up and kill 2 different huntables even after I waypoint them to kill one at a time.

  6. This maybe just a small bug: One game today I play Teuton against AI Teuton. Trebuchets and onagers still shoot normal shots even after upgrading both Chemistry and Heated Shots. Only affects me, AI’s siege correctly use heated shots.

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