19 pop Britons arch rush

Hi guys I’ve just started learning the 19pop Britons build order off and just would like to ask the more advanced players that know this build order well a few questions.

How viable is this strat in somewhat high Elo TG(2500) aswell as 1v1?

How do you prefer to adapt the build in fuedal and castle age? (I’ve seen versions where people get horse collar and bit ax straight away delaying their blacksmith and fletching and others vice versa )

How does this strat do Vs common other openings in general? ( Seems to me like it would be good Vs everything other than pre mill drush)

Mostly looking to use this in TG just for fun and to see if it’s better. I said I’d try it cos I heard Hera saying in a TG that this strat is basically “the better more modern way to open arch as Brits”.

My biggest concern with this strat was how it does it do Vs pre miller’s and how you sacrifice eco going up so early but I seen somewhere that half the lost Res is gained back from getting bit axe earlier. Heard somewhere that lierrey likes this build a lot too. It looks like it uses pretty much all of the Brits bonuses makes me wonder how bad can it actually be?

I usually go with the 21 pop straight archers strat in flank tg.
I would love to try that 19pop, care to send the link of the build plz?

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First, elo is always mesured in 1v1. TGvelo means nothing.

Second of all, you don’t want to delay fetching. Delaying double bit axe and horse collar is bettrr, since the whole strategy is based on harming earlier your opponent.

And yes, it works. It’s an strategy made popular by Lierrey, so if it works for him should work for everyone else

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Never forget that in a teamgame you are also very dependent on the communication with your pocket.

A pocket player who goes 17pop Scouts (for example with Lithuanians) and supports your early archers right away is a very powerful combo.

If the enemy pocket goes for a 17pop Scout build while your pocket goes 22pop you might be in some trouble as your build order is quite tight and requires you having a military advantage to succeed further on…


Look up aoecompanion.com the build is listed there in detail easy to see

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Current build I practised in skirmish was 2deer lured in at 6:00 and ready to send scout out to find opponent. Clicked up to fuedal at 8: 50 for 9:05 fuedal time and can afford bit ax no horse collar and range. Can send 2-3 arch with fletching and a spear at ~12 mins maybe 11:45 with better build or can wait till 13:30 for 6 FU arch maybe even slightly faster with slight tweaking. Strat seems pointless to me to get horse collar cos you delay so long. Two deer lutes are needed I think.

Practised it in ranked and the other flank was getting his last bit of wall up as I attacked with 6 fletching arch and killed like 3-4 Vils as he desperately house walled behind.

It’s very fun strat and one game the scout player attacks me not expecting my arch to be FU and so satisfying to clear his few scouts with just early arch

I don’t understand what’s the point, when everybody and their mother plays the castle age flank like lyx market abuse 5 archery ranges 1tc fast imp onlyarchernumbersmatter.exe, isn’t 2x archery ranges better so that you have more archers? You only have to survive like 1 minute and you’ll overpower his numbers.

What’s your point being

it’s a question pretty much

You end up having maybe 2arch with fletching before a generic arch civ gets their ranges up. You then add your 2nd range in soon. If played right he has to sacrifice eco to try build army or send weaker army to fight you can even if he waits a bit loses a vil or idles an eco area to build up more number he still won’t have fletching for ages and even if it’s 4 arch with fletching Vs 6 without fletching you can outmicro with range and do decently with more damage. And while in the one range phase you still have +20% faster range to keep up a little with his two ranges. Take him off one lumber early or gold and he’s dead. Plus can get arch armour earlier too.if you get that before he gets fletching he’s dead too

While you’re right TG ranking is bad designed, if he’s planning to use this strategy in TG, then TG ranking is what matters most because that will define what level of players he will be facing.

Had a game the other day with my friend he went Lithuanians 18pop scouts. He delayed the flanks range by 30 seconds then my arch show up at like minute 11-12 with fletching he cant make range anymore and we take him off one lumber and berries, he insta towers his main gold, I tower his last woodline even, such a sick strat their side GGs in early fuedal played at 2500 Elo and everybody still panics at it there’s not much you can do really against it by the looks of it. I even made loads of mistakes - didn’t micro perfectly while paying attention to eco balance / walling perfectly and still felt like a smooth game. I notice some pocket players expect you to not have fletching this early also and waste their early scouts furthering their disadvantaged position

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