19 Pop Scout Rushing

So just created this scout rush build order for Franks (not necessarily created, but just made a vid on it), but more importantly, what other civs can pull off 19 or less pop Scout rushes?

I was able to complete 19 pop with Tartars, 16 pop with Mongols, 17 pop with Lithuanians but I’m not sure what other civs can actually bring the heat with early scrush pressure. Also, are there any 2 stable scout rushes that exist or is that not viable at all?

Looking to start some dialogue here and hopefully get some fresh ideas for new build orders to talk about! :slight_smile:

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2 stable rush with Sarancens by Tatoh:

Im actually pretty curious to how this build plays out without TaToH letting the M@A into the base… that market abuse from saracens seems really strong, especially since market is only 75 wood in DE now

Can’t believe it has taken me this long to find out that market cost changed!

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Maybe Magyars could work? Cheaper scouts and free attack should make them a good civ for this strat.

I think this build wouldn’t work as Magyars because all their bonuses don’t kick in until you reach feudal age. The cheaper scouts are nice, but you still need a way to get 500 food before that and they don’t have any tools to gather them quickly enough. That being said, maybe it could be faster for Magyars and every other civ for that matter if you push deer?

Maybe Khmer? You can skip the barrack and thus have less wood villies and more on food.

I know that St4rk was able to get a 18 population Khmer Scout rush, but he didn’t push any deer or anything like that. Maybe it’s possible to get 16 pop? This one is a super interesting idea @CactusSteak2171 !!!

Update: I was able to do a 16 pop Scout rush with Khmer - I found a nice video on it too so it seems like it could be pretty legit