190 hp Landsknechts in the Combat of the thirty?

On hard difficulty, the combat of the thirty has 190 hp landsknechts on the english side. They’re called German mercenaries in-game.

They literally kill 20 units in 3 seconds.

Saw some YouTube video where on hard, there were knights and MAA and stuff.

In any case, how to deal with Landsknechts in this mission?

Yeah I was having a hard time trying to focus them first, then I gave up and abuse the bot by using the single knight luring main army running around while use other 29 units to kill the rest. XDD

I was forced to do the same.

Oh so you CAN abuse the system?

Will they just chase down the hero and ignore other units?

You move a single (Non hero) knight forward so that half, or more of the army aggros it.

Then just kite while you clean up the other half.