1v1 Ranked Seasons Preview are rolling out now


Im getting an error on xbox insiders hub, when i click show in microsoft store it opens the store up but it cant find the beta version and just prints an error, anything i can do to solve it?

Steam beta not working too.
Looks like the developers added another bug

Looks like global queue, patrol, random civ choice and improved hotkey customization are in this preview.


They are using a diff patch. Some Jan changes is in there, and some extra changes too.

How is it not working for you? Do you mean you can’t activate the key? You need to remove old beta from your account using steam website.

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Thanks, I’ve seen it in other discussions

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Yea I can’t access it on Steam either; I noted my experience here BETA CODE INVALID


Is there an NDA associated with the Ranked preview? I saw that there was a link to a private forum, but the link does not appear to work.

@PeacefulCap2829 Can’t access the forum created to discuss the new content. Says link does not exist. Any update?

@APIFEAR which link? I tried it and can access

FitzBro told me he asked from the dev team, there is no NDA.
However, when you login it shows NDA…
I will trust Fitz for now.

You have to log out and in.