2 alternative builds for Spain logistician

Hello :wave:
The Spanish rush is very strong as of now but I think that people aren’t realizing that the logistician is also good for an ATP strategy. For the ATP strategy the card order would look something like 3vill-ATP (send when your age up bar is past the “I”)-300w-300w-another 300 crate shipment. I think atp is better than rush but of course you will need at least 4 tp on the map and you’ll also delay getting your second rax compared to the rush, but late age 2 having the instant crates and the 4 tp stagecoach means you can spam units out of 3 production building easily. You would have to chop 320 wood while aging to 2, 200 for a rax, 100 for a house, and the 20 plus the 100 wood from the ATP card is for a second TP, the. You send 300 w until you get all the buildings you need including 4 tps.

Another build that is a bit greedy that could work with logistician is a livestock boom, card order would be 3v-7sheep+livestock wagon(send when the age up bar is past “I”)- 300w-300w- whatever you need this is almost the same as the ATP, I like this on maps that you can’t do 4 tp and that has livestock on it already because then you can have 10 livestock on the pen. You want to drop a rax with your wood you got in transition and second rax when you send your first 300w shipment. Once your sheep are fattened you can eat them and use the food to propel you to age 3, or you can spam units in age 2. I think this new logistician has potential for so many other strategies what do you guys think? I also recommend for both these builds to go age 1 tp and chop 100 wood for a house, you could also 12/10, witch could be very strong if done right

Also in case it wasn’t clear when I say 3v that mean 3 villagers and when I say 300w that means the age one shipment of 300 wood, witch after logistician is actually 400 wood, 200 food, and 100 gold.