2 Issues : Hack out of sync cheaters + Alt F4 map picking

1.During the last month there are a lot of players making the game crash with the out os sync crash just when they are about to lose.

At the beginning I thought it was a bug of the game but It always happens just when the game is lost for them and never when Im losing.

Another thing to mention is that almost always this happens against players with chinese characters, so I am starting to think they do it by changing vpn ip on purpose to crash the game, thats just a guest, I dont really know what kind of cheat are they using.

  1. Is starting to be very annoying that players quit the game when they dont want to play in that map, I could not play a water map in a long time beacause people now is chosing map according the civ they want to play using quick match instead of custom game.

I have already reported all the player who crushed the game, the game report shows no result in it. Lets see if Relic cares about hackers/cheaters. I added them to friend and they are online so so far seems like not,

Relic should apply a 20min NO PLAY PENALTY for those who are quiting the map when the game is starting, so players who want to play specifiq maps just do a custom game instead of playing quick match.

I perfectly agree with you on point one, it’s quite annoying when happen at the end of the game… And almost always against Chinese FL rusher, when they fail to do their dumb snipe landmark strat, they make the game crush… I report them in hope that dev will do something in the future to solve this. I can’t even find replay, simply the game dissappear

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why anyone even care about ladder its false. its top players just mass scouts and win… Or tower rush mongrl. its broken

Cause in the branch that I am a can defeat FL spammers, Tower Rushers and horde Scouts aggression… It’s all about scouting them and adapt your strategy. But it’s unfair if they are going to lose with that dumbs strategy and make the game out of sync with no result and also no replay. Happens often in 3vs3 or 4vs4…
I’m a normal player, nothing special, I don’t care about who is in the top. I just wanna play and win or lose normally. No sync strategy is an exploit about that people that want go up in the ladders. They don’t want lose, and they if are going to lose they symple hack something and the game goes out of sync…

Got a drop hacker that hack me the game.

counting me loss and also elo loss. feelsbadman :worried:

Any Relic plan to fix it as soon as possible?

Nice idea, that will kill the game completely. 9 out of 10 players dodge water maps.

Without bans (like in aoe2) it will destroy ladder.
But you can keep delusionally insist on ideas which will break the game, because 1 out of 100 players want to play water.


Well is not just water maps, now is happening too with river maps and very often with black forest too. There is going to be a moment that all people is quitting half of the time to get some maps that they like more for their main civ. Is just not fun… There is custom game option to pick the map that you want right?

Drop hacks are annoying for sure. Tho past few weeks I have not been getting drop hacked at all but this is due I stopped playing with certain types of name. If I see this type of name in match I just dodge. After this I gotten 0 drophacks but there is also another reason why I stopped playing with these names is because I had 0 good experience playing with them :confused:

To be fair, if it happens that often, it’s rather on the game than players. Either add an option to exclude maps you don’t like before queuing or add another playlist without water maps and let the matchmaking time decide who is better off in custom games.

Did it show “rating” in custom games? No. so it is not the solution.

I know how to play in “custom” games since Voobly and private lobbies in aoe2. Without third party tools “to to the lobbies” wont work at all, because no rating in the game.

Something like Map draft would be cool:
Game found → every player ban one map → every player blind pick favorite → game choose between favorites.
At least it will always take in consideration opinion of each player.

In the similar thread in aoe2. I said “go to the lobbies” if bans not enough. But for aoe4, there are no “bans” and no “rating in the lobby”. And obviously 90% of ppl want to dodge water maps.

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I missed Archipelago, no one want to play that map.

But I think it is at least more fun playing against the pesky Rus Age of Horse Archers / Mongols Age of Towers.

I gotta agree with you on that, unfortunately atm some match ups are way too one sided in certain maps like black forest or pretty much all hybrid maps for example. Although we can’t expect the game to be fully well balanced in two months after release its totally understandable that some players will prefer not to play on these maps.

I’d rather see a map ban system combined with penalizing people who skip a match (after the first one of every 6 hours perhaps) vs just penalizing people and not allowing them to skip out on water maps. Water maps and black forest are so boring and annoying to play.

By that token, playing against Mongols and Rus ‘is boring and annoying to play’.

Many players just want to play on the maps that give their preferred Civ an advantage. To avoid that situation, ALL included maps need to be required. Otherwise where does the cherry-picking end? One person doesn’t like water, one person doesn’t like rivers, another person doesn’t want an open map and yet another doesn’t want to play with choke points.

The WHOLE POINT of having the random map selection is so that you have to adapt to the various maps and play styles. But if players can just choose to not play what they find to be ‘boring and annoying’ then the system might as well not exist at all. Just have player pick the maps they will play on and randomize within that. Picky players might have to wait longer but cancelling games because it’s not on a map you like also delays things so pick your poison. :wink:

We’ve seen a map ban system in other RTS and it has been successful in those.

The ones I know are SC, AoE2.

relic even had a map veto system in coh2, so there is no reason not to have it in AoE4 tbh

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