2 villagers can break stonewall in arena?

i met cumans and this guy built a tc on my wall in arena and broke my wall with 2 villagers.

wtf is this?

Was it in Imperial Age with Sappers?

Vills have an anti-building damage bonus.

no feudal age…

They still have a +6 damage bonus against Stone Defense.

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bro this game is broken.

2 villagers breaking stone wall. :broken_heart:

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I think there is something you aren’t telling us. you had two villagers kill a stonewall in the feudal age, and you didn’t try to defend against it or anything?


Stone walls are nerfed till Castle Age, because in HD/Voobly players would just stone wall and not get punished for just booming. One of the principles when we moved to DE was to make the game more agressive and relay less on stone walls/towers.

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Google persian douche. Can also be executed with other civs :slight_smile:

Right now you think it’s broken, but trust me the day someone tries to lame you and wall your ressources in you will be happy that villagers can break stone walls.


To be fair I’m normally all for various strategies that some would call underhanded but walling resources is one that is complete bull

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By “bull”, you of course mean fair and just.

It is the only logical conclusion.

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Sure. Logical. Keep thinking that

Maybe a noob question, I read in the wiki they have +6 bonus against Stone Defense and +3 against Buildings. Does that mean they have +9 in total against stone walls?

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Stone walls have extra building armor so the +3 bonus from vils is negated. So it’s just 6 damage.


its only 900 hp for a stone wall before Castle Age. So it isn’t that surprising.

If they are walling your resources, that’s stone they can’t use for a quick TC.

Thats several villagers that aren’t adding resources in the early game.

Essentially they are always 3+ villagrr as behind in eco.

If they add 2 villagers to atone to compensate for stone using to wall resources, now they are 5+ behind in eco.

Punish them with your better eco.

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Maybe a noob question, I read in the wiki they have +6 bonus against Stone Defense and +3 against Buildings. Does that mean they have +9 in total against stone walls?

The short answer is yes, but only in a specific situation. The long answer is yes, but because how armor calculations work, it is reduced. The damage calculation in this game takes all the damage instances minus the specific armors a unit has and adds them up separately. Melee damage vs melee armor, Building damage vs building armor and stone defense damage vs stone defense armor.

Villagers do 3 melee damage, 3 building damage and 6 damage against stone defenses. These are all different damage types and are compared to each armor type separately.

So the damage calculation is (Melee Damage - Melee Armor) + (Building Damage - Building Armor) + (Stone Defense Damage - Stone Defense Armor). None of these three calculations can be negative and it is rounded up to at lease 1 at the end.

So the calculation for villager vs stonewall goes:

Melee: 3 damage - 8 armor is rounded to 0
Building: 3 damage - 16 armor is rounded to 0
Stone Defense 6 damage - 0 armor= 6
0 melee + 0 building + 6 stone = 6 damage against stone walls

Important to note is that Masonry and architecture does not affect stone walls at all. And all the stone wall armors stay the same by age (the health does increase each age, and pretty dramatically in the Castle age).

Sappers increases villager building damage and stone defense damage by 15. This makes the calculation of Sapper Villager vs Stonewall:

Melee: 3 damage - 8 armor is rounded to 0
Building: 3+15 damage - 16 armor = 2 building damage
Stone Defense: 6+15 damage - 0 armor = 21 stone damage.

0 melee + 2 building + 21 stone = 23 damage against stone walls.

So yes the bonus building damage does come into affect, as sappers alone does not pierce the stone wall’s 16 building armor. However, added to the villager’s +3 building damage, you beat it by 2 extra damage.

This situation is made more specific because Fortified walls actually increases building armor to 24, so this gets rid of this +2 damage.

Sappers villager vs fortified walls:
Melee: 3 damage - 12 armor is rounded to 0
Building: 3 +15 damage - 24 armor is rounded to 0
Stone: 6 + 15 damage - 0 armor = 21 stone damage

0 melee + 0 building + 21 stone = 21 damage against fortified walls

Spirit of the Law does talk more about different building armors if you want to learn more about how this works. Although, it’s so confusing you may have to test stuff out in the scenario editor.



Wow, thanks for the exhaustive answer, the way you explained helped me a lot understanding! Thanks also for the video reference

That’s an issue that were solved in Voobly with the “Arina” map which were the old Arena, with the stone walls HP remaining at 1800 from the get go. I feel like they should implement Arina again on DE.

Impossible. You can’t build a tc until the castle age