2 x ATI 6990 Crossfire and disaster

Can someone tell me the reason why even with all the details in low mode, it is impossible to play with fluidity, the same team with Age 1 Definitive Edition goes very very well, with high detail, I see the performance of the card during the game and only you are using 1 core, i have tried in crossfire but with the same result, the benchmark is 100


Well, each game is different and has different demands on the system.

The 6990 is a little old (introduced in 2011) but was certainly a good card at the time.

If you have Windows 10, you can determine if the GPU is the bottleneck by looking in the Task Manager when spectating or playing:

Above, notice that memory % is reasonable, and disk and network are good. Clearly they are not bottlenecks for me.

At first, my CPU looks good, but since my CPU is a quad core then the max CPU for a single thread can only be 1/4=25% or 1/8=12.5% w/hyperthreading. Assuming that AOE2 is bottlenecked by a major game thread and has a large number of background threads (it does), then my CPU is actually about maxed out for the game.

My gpu looks good at 34%.

If your numbers look good except your GPU is pinned, then it is time to upgrade your card. You can get a GTX 1650 new for about $150 and it will provide 3x-4x performance.

On the other hand, if your 6990s are not maxed out, then you know the issue is CPU or memory. No reason to waste money on a new graphics card in that case.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your help, indeed I had done these tests with the task manager but I observed two important things:

  1. I have 4 GB of RAM and I see how the game reaches usage levels of 80%
  2. GPU management does not appear in the administrator, however in the ATI control panel I see how a single core is used at 96% (I have 4), what I do not understand is because the remaining cores, it is as if the game did not work well with ATI.

Yeah, unfortunately AoE2DE requires more than just 4 Gigs of RAM :slightly_frowning_face:

AoE1DE works very nice with just 4gigs, but it’s gonna be better with twice that.

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I had an old 7950 around here and things have changed radically, now I get ultra-detail, it is not normal that there is so much difference between two 6990s in crossfire and this other card is also somewhat old, maybe the 2 Gb of RAM is 6990 is the problem, but I insist, I think the game has some fault for not taking advantage of the second card in crossfire, it does not activate it.

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