20 Elephants in 20 Minutes - Could it be faster?

After making this guide here for Malay Elephant rushing, I was wondering about a few things:

  1. Could this build actually be done faster? 19 minutes maybe?
  2. What is a critical mass of elephants that is unstoppable? Is 20 just a meme number?
  3. Is it worth mixing in any other unit with this build? i.e. Scouts for monk or archers

Scout cavalry are trash without upgrading them to light cavalry, and that takes away time and resources for your meme build. It would be easier to mix a few knights if you need to chase anything down.

Critical mass is an overly misspoken concept. You already can snipe a TC with 10 battle elephants. Basically with this build, you could atk anywhere after 17:30 and that’s when you should start looking for opportunities and start getting sneaky. 20 is just a meme.

It would be great if i can do this at my level. Having castle times under 17:00 min. isnt a guarentee. It sounds fun to have around 10 elephants around 17:30 marching into there base.

Yup! Being able to demolish TCs before the enemy can field any real response is so satisfying