200 wood cost rams?

with ram pop and hp reduced, what do you think about the potential for 200 wood cost rams?

They were nerfed for a reason, that would be jus buffing them compared to prepatch. Unless you give TCs an ability to target they apply too much pressure

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I think that’s a fine change if they make rams 3-400 hp.

that’s a great idea. reduce their hp by another 200 to 500 and reduce their build time along with the cost.

then add an imperial age upgrade that increases their hit points/damage and move speed.

Idk tbh I think rams are in a perfectly fine spot post patch, they don’t really need adjustments I think.

they could be in a good spot currently, patch was released recently.

seeing pop and health go down and not cost though means they are less cost effective and easier to counter early game, was wondering if anyone had any strong feelings about lowering thier cost as well or if they are just fine as they are.

That was the point. The goal of the ram change per the dev stream was to nerf feudal rams while making imp rams not die as fast to siege weapons and emplacements.

do you have a link to that stream?

(6) Age of Empires IV - Post-Launch Developer Steam - Twitch

discussed around 52 minutes

thanks alot, ill look into it.

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