25TH Aniversary Livestream - Make your voice Heard!

Dear Age of Empires Comunity,

I, like you, am a Huge Fan of this franchise.
They have built up the hype and raised our expectations so high for the anniversary livestream, and what exactly did we get?

  • The first “real” announcement was Age of Empires Mobile, that nobody asked for. When this was announced the comments seccions was in rage and bashing the annoucement and the host just literally asked everyone “Why are you saying “LOL”, this is a huge time to be a age of empires fan” “You asked for more age and we are delivering” “Be excited for it!” . This was outrageous! Microsoft pulled a Blizzard Stunt here.

  • The table animations were quite a missed opoportunity. Nobody understood what was going on, and the hosts were “pretending” there was a live pol that actually made you decide the outcome of a battle.
    Also the hosts, named the units wrong, which is further proof that they dont know their product.

  • AOE1 DE was “announced” as a port to AOE2DE, in a 2 second “line” of one of the hosts. No further news were developed, nothing was shown.
    Later on that day, Age of empires page, posted an artwork saying it is a DLC to AOE2DE.
    Again… this was a missed oportunity and could have been shown on the livestream.
    It generated confusion ammong the comunity … is it a port? or is it a DLC to AoE2DE? The hosts had no idea.

  • The concert… that concert lasted for soooo long that on the first song, there were over 25k viewers watching on the twitch chanell, and when they started playing the 5th song, they were down to 8k.
    People lost interest… The concert lasted for over 25 minutes, and no1 asked for it!

The nail in the coffin was when the hosts said that "this was the best concert ever! Woooo! What a huge time to be an age fan! " I mean what was that? More than 90% of the comunity didnt know who those guys were, and never requested for their concert! Most of the music played were NOT part of the game’s original soundtrack.

  • They ended the livestream, saying “We will be right back for some games” and then we waited for a 10 minutes pause, and then they started playing aoe 4 vs AI.
    One of the hosts even tried to garrison units in the barracks and in the stables! I mean they have this one job, and it clearly shows that they had ZERO knowledge of the game they were playing!
    It was a boring match that lasted more than 1 hour againts 2 AI’s… nothing new there! They could have least told us that the announcements were over and that now they were just playing.

  • AOM was the cherry on top that everyone wanted right? but they could have at leasted mentioned that a Twitter account was created for the game and that they would share news there… what a missed marketing oportunity! did you also noticed no “chinese myths” showed up at the trailer?

  • No love for AOE3DE!
    Aoe3, received a hughe update and skins, and nothing was showcased…

  • No love for the original game that is now 25 years old!

This stream was a huge letdown!
Worlds Edge really needs a better marketing and community management Team!

What are your toughts on this?

Ps: I’m am not offending anyone, and I ask that you share your opinions in a cordial way. The mods banned me last time for expressing my opinions such as this…


I must agree some of the hosts they have picked for the events like this one are lousy. And obviously don’t know what they are talking about


I completely agree for a 25th anniversary it was boring and very cringe most of the time.

I was hoping it was more like the 2021 fan preview event., that was really hype and so much better made.


Setting the lack of AoE3DE exposure/news aside, I thought the event was lackluster. I feel like I should be more hyped for AoMRE but I’m not. The event was centered around an AoE concert with news here and there.

@Dubycapbra I liked the fan preview much better as well. Nothing extravagant just people sitting down and talking.


I don’t trust the world edge more and more, I think they have no management experience and just make FE and relic a mess. The IP of aoe will eventually die in the hands of the world edge.

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I think AOE franchise has a large amount of playerbase to consider having its own Agecon similar to Blizzcon especially if Microsoft also includes the Rise of Nations Franchise.

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I have a lot of things I don’t understand:
Shouldn’t the 25th anniversary be a real celebration? Even making a remix video from Age of Empires 1 to 4 can mobilize players’ emotions. Announcing Age of Mythology DE, which is good, and then there’s a mobile game, well, and then what? Singing for half an hour…
Empire 4 updated two civilizations, and the two anchors chatted for a long time, as if to re-sell this unsuccessful work that was released a year ago as a new work. But Age of Empires 3 just got that massive free update without a word mentioning it?
Started hyping the 25th anniversary a month early, and what we ended up with was this biased, weird, boring stuff…


They thinking “cannon galleons” shooting houses is exposure to the game. I thought it was some sort of VR for AOE 3 DE which I hope never comes.

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There are quit some people that got into AoE though the old mobile games and even the Nintendo DS one.

Mobile devices are pretty powerful now so they can actually handle better games then the Nintendo Switch.

No they were just a bad idea through and through.
Looked like a Hololense advertisement or something. Nothing that was remotely interesting to watch in the stream.

That might have been the biggest announcement for me personally.
Depending on what it will actually end up being it could be something that I’ve waited for for 20 years now!

No Atlantis either.
Retold could mean that they redo the base game only and then build on top of that.
So it’s neither an AoMDE nor an AoM2. But it might have just been a trailer thing and it will be an AoMDE with China and Atlantis included.

Which is awesome. Just strange that it happened a few days before the event.

Maybe they didn’t want to announce cosmetic DLCs, console ports and a mobile game in the same stream.

It will get ported to the AoE2DE engine. Sounds like a lot of love for me.

I expected some AoE2DE and AoE3DE DLC news or at last teasers.
But I definitely didn’t expect the AoE1DE engine port/DLC thingy.

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Their so-called mobile version of Age of Empires is actually an overseas version of this, don’t be deceived

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Wait there already is an official AoE mobile in China?
Or is that a ripoff?

Tencent acquired the IP rights for the Age of Empires mobile game, developed with World’s Edge and TIMI


Judging from the promotional image on Age of Empires Twitter, the so-called “coming soon” mobile version of Age of Empires is the game from China’s Tencent. The Chinese name is “重返帝国”.


I’m just surprised that I didn’t know that exists.
Well not surprised it’s coming to the West. No reason not to, right?

Hope you do not know much about tencent.

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Mostly lootboxes and more lootboxes. I never like the mobile side of gaming but there are people who love those.

I think it’s good that AoE franchise is catering to everyone but they should do better marketing on their current DE games like AOE 3 DE and more UI fixes with optimization on AOE 4. Despite the anniversary edition AOE 4 is still a long way to be the definite AOE game of the franchise.

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