25th Anniversary Challenges give same old mods. Why?

The challenges give the Scout from AoE1, Golden Cannons and the AoE3 musketeer which from what I remember are just older mods that you can now get from the mods. Why do this for a 25th Anniversary! So sad that they do this.


Agree, they should create something different related to the other games
Great news overall for the franchise but nothing for our beloved game
Some even say that the DLC announcement was a mistake

I think there have been quite a few complaints, that if you miss certain events, you lost the chance to get certain stuff forever. In general I would be fine, to have old stuff return, however as massive as this 25th anniversary is celebrated, with all these announcements and the AoE4 mega-update, they could have made something a bit more special than this event for AoE2.


its funny that aoe4 has a handcannon that might actually fit thematically into aoe2, instead of that Renaissance musketeer, as in if they had to pick a reskin it might work, like the aoe1 scout

they could have, but its still the more popular game, so in a way it makes sense to make more things for the other games, to attract players to give it another go and all that

Not only same old mods.
They have have officially decided to make a dlc out of same old stuff.

aoe going green recycle and reuse.

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They should give the 2021 and 2022 event mods. I remember there was an event that gave us 2020 event mods

Interesting. Now I can hope for the snowman fighter mod to comeback, and then train for the perfect build:

Snowman rush into penguin riders


Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I completely missed out on this event! Was there a unique Main Menu? I can’t find one by Zetnus.