27+2 FC into Knights + Crossbow BO?

I plan to go both Knight and Xbows after a 27+2 population age up.

The problem is the gold they take, so how should I allocate my current villagers to execute such a comp?


Here you can play around which units you want to make and can see how many vils you need on what resources to afford everything.

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You cant sustain such an expensive army comp with FC

Then how do I get to this expensive army comp if I were to sustain myself?

You kind of don’t do so immediately. You probably open normally, and then maybe play your expansive comp once you actually have the eco to do so properly. Beelining for it will put you in a position where it’s not going to be viable. You should just be able to reach it semi-naturally after you’ve done sufficient macro.

What civ are you using ?

I never saw any such build order, it looks inefficient because you cannot afford to upgrade both units.

I suggest to go knights and only use crossbows as counter unit (no upgrade besides xbow itself):

  • You follow a build order as if you were going FC knights but make a range instead of a stable.
  • After clicking up to castle age, you research your eco upgrades make a stable, move 3 berries villagers to gold and start training archers.
  • Once in castle age, start producing knights, and
  • put up to 12 villagers on gold and 12 on farms, with still 7 to 10 on wood.
  • Research wood/farm upgrades, then both cavalry armor upgrades and xbow.
  • Stop the xbow production when you have 10 xbows.
  • Then add 6 on farms and make a second stable for more knights (~45 villagers). Research fletching and bodking whenever you can.
  • Then addapt depending on what unit your opponent is making and whether you want to add TCs or or more knights or more xbows