2k Cheater 'SUPER HOANG': able to unqueue villagers, stop villagers from working, delete any unit/building


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Piezod_vs_Cheat.aoe2record (515.5 KB)

Notice how Green suffers from the cheating by Yellow

We are talking about Green, a 2k player here, just trying to have a normal start, but hacks dont allow him.

He does different tricks, sometimes likes to play on to do a different cheat later on.



Looks like there is a hack going around.
Seems like you can hack and delete your opponent’s Units, control their buildings, techs.

I always thought a Definitive Edition had some sort of cheater protection. Like any MP game in the past 10 years…


Thanks a lot for the report


So not only do we have smurfs infesting the game, now there’s hacks as well.

Well you know what they say, the more the merrier! Except in this situation :smiley:

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It was just a question of time until people start cheating like that.
Because it’s so easy to do.

there are some weaknesses which should get closed. A hackig team from bonn informed Microsoft and Forgotten Empires months ago. unfortunately they didn’t reply. if you know some german you can check out a Podcast linked in this gamestar article (Game-magazine): Wie Hacker die ultimative Cheat-Schwachstelle in Age of Empires 2 fanden
another article from august in ENGLISH: https://igamesnews.com/news/how-hackers-found-the-ultimate-cheat-vulnerability-in-age-of-empires-2/

here a post about this issue on this forum: Cheating and Security of Aoe DE II

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Why closing weaknesses when this is free promotion for AOE4?
@ChristheCo and are they already permabanned yet?

We are investigating the issue :slight_smile:

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What do you need to investigate? The bug that causes is - Yes investigate the diseases, please (the cheat exploit), but also treat the symptoms (permban cheaters)

In real-life police also puts people in investigative detention (permaban them now) and releases them when the evidence makes them innocent (unban when innocent).

JoeBiden and SuperHoang (or whatever he changed his profile name into this time) are without doubt cheaters.
We have stream footage of them cheating or at least their opponents experiencing TC deletion or Villagers idling without having them selected. They climb incredibly fast, win games in under a minute.

Please, just say that action was taken

they will be back in 5 minutes regardless of ban. Just make new account and use family share to circumwent ban

This was also reported on aoezone with manyu people submitting recorded game files there, maybe that helps.

Can they also manipulate games without being a player, for example as spectator?

what can you expect from devs 11, they can only say we are investigating the issue

Hi @BouffantBloom32. This is super hoang btw. What an excellent game we had :slight_smile: .

Excellent work Chris! I hope you’re enjoying the work at Microsoft btw. Let’s grab lunch sometime

But we didn’t play a game?

another one



It’s pretty pathetic how people are willing to do this. I’m not sure why people find it so enjoyable to smurf and hack the game. You aren’t actually playing it, so I don’t really see how it gives you any fun. It certainly isn’t pleasant for the other party, but they don’t seem to care. Removing family sharing on Steam, and implementing sanity checks is a really important step that should be taken. Don’t worry about balance for a while, or more DLCs. Just stop smurfing, Alt-f4, hacking, etc. Then fix a large number of other bugs and add regional or civ specific skins. THEN go back to balance and DLCs. Then advertise the game and try to grow the playerbase to help improve matchmaking.

Are you also the one who wrote the article on RedRocket? If yes, good job, that was a very interesting read. But please stop using this in public games. Most people already know that the game is not secure, at least those who play since Voobly know. The sanity check you suggest to implement would have no practical effect except wasting developer’s time, there would still be variants of the same exploit that can not be fixed like this (like your units auto-dodging projectiles), and there will still remain fundamentally unfixable exploits like map hacks.