2k player smurfing as a team in TG ranked

I know smurfing is a long time issue. But I still want to expose some of them. These guys are not behaving properly. and there is one low elo (1027) player on opponent team but apparently playing like pro as well, super quick age up and huge army, I dont believe his elo rating is true. Actually I dont believe any of those guys’ elo are true 11…

We faced these guys and game ended in feudal age like 15 mins

Why not provide all the elos, so we can see if the teams are balanced? These guys all have enough games that they aren’t smurfing.

Do you actually believe a 2k 1v1 player with 70% winrate is 1300 in team? The ones with 1000 elo also feels not 1000 elo, but way higher. I am an experienced aoe2 pkayer I can feel how good the players are, from the timing, the army nunber, army control etc. The 1000 elo player is definitely someone else playing. The 2k guy probably intentionally dropped elo to keep at 1300 who knows.

its funny that you are still serious in tg, tg has never been balanced, win rate is not taken into consideration at all,