2v2 co-op vs AI, ally didn't get attacked

I just played a 2v2 co-op vs AI on megarandom. It was a cool map, I enjoyed the game. But my ally ended up being a troll. May have actually been a hacker or exploiter, it was a noob account. Anyway the AI completely ignored my ally’s existence up until ~45 minutes into the game. My ally was not participating anyway, they built a gentle eco and then mostly watched the spectacle for 40 minutes. I continuously got raided by the AI. Even after I managed to get walls up @ 15 minutes, the AI continued to ram my walls and try to eliminate me for 30 minutes while my ally was completely defenseless without a single tower, military unit or wall. The AI never even tried attacking them. It was as if they used a cheat code to make their buildings and units invisible to the AI. I never spoke during the game but this player was jeering and namecalling to troll me throughout the game.

It was like ultra-hard mode I guess, the AI was in a frenzy to kill me and it was a 1v2. Random indeed.

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Thank you for the report @Heftydogg! Do you have map info for this match?