2v2 Fighting Water French

I’m on cloud nine! I just defeated two french players on a water map, both nonstop raiding me and my allies docks. Im like “screw this”. Make a batch of 8 transports, hide em on the corner of the map. Make 8 mangonels and like 70 spearmen. Load them up and flanked them when they raided again. Woo! Felt so good to just destroy two french bases with almost no resistance!

So uh yeah… transports and holy roman infantry, who would have thought that was probably the only way of winning vs water spamming french. They even tried to make a Keep with like 15 villagers, so much wonderful desperation given to the side who has the edge right off the start.

Anyone else have any crazy redemption stories?

We did a 3vs3 with a friend and a pickup. We were 2 Dehli 1 HRE against French / HRE / Brits.

We landed villagers in dark age to the French base and steamrolled him with 4 rams.

Then we proceeded to make a forward army with Man-At-Arms, Elephants and archer.

Was a really fun game :smiley:

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