2x Control Group "Focus Camera" - Intermittent Issue

One thing I’ve learned through the past 8 months of playing is using key 1 for my TC. Every new TC i build, i shift add to group 1, and the key would allow me to select all TC’s to queue villagers / center camera to my main TC.

This no longer works. Now when I add a second TC (or any building to any control group), the second building is where the camera is centered. If you add a third, it still generally uses the 2nd structure, however I have found that placement on the map effects which building is centered on.

Please help me understand how to restore the previous function, because this was a foundational part of my game play. This stops me dead in my tracks as soon as I build a second production building of any kind, as i have to re-learn something I’ve been practicing for months.

Edit: the issue appears to be the secondary “focus on control group” functionality, with the 2x press. I can sometimes use a house near my main TC to get it to focus where I want, but this has really just stripped my motivation to play as it’s unpredictable :confused:

Edit 2: 2x control group resumed focusing on main structure on my 5th game against AI finally. Issue appears to be intermittent, or possibly related to maps?


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Sorry to hear that, I can only think towards a workaround with

  • Select all town centers hotkey
  • Focus on capital town center hotkey

i had rekeyed “focus on capital town center” to the tilde key, but it’s fundamentally frustrating to have to re-learn.

Hopefully i’ll at least be prepared if it happens in a competitive situation.

thanks for the feedback

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