3 Control Group Bugs

Bug1: clicking a unit, then selecting a control group, then clicking it again registers as a double click.
Bug2: There seems to be an advanced version of Bug1 when successively adding one unit at a time of alternating unit types to a control group. This one, you might need to pause the video to catch.
Some kind of input freeze makes it impossible to spam cycle monk+add to ctrl group1 rapidly in succession. It seems like adding something to a control group, possibly the modifier button input freeze, blocks the subsequent “cycle through monks” command.

Hey @UnrulyHornet524! I’m not sure I follow on either point here. Could you go into a bit more detail?

Are you using default hotkeys? Or can you share your hotkey layout?

I’m using a custom hotkey setup.

In example #1 i’m alternating hotkey 1( control group 1), and left click( on the same unit). The second left click registers as a double click, despite 1 being pressed in between.

In example #2 I’m adding units to control group 1 one at a time using leftclick for select, followed by ctrl+1. which is my custom hotkey for adding to control group 1. I do this alternating unit type, but effectively, I end up reproducing example#1 by clicking the same unit type twice too quickly with a command in between ( control+1) This can be an issue if you try to add units of the same unit type one or more control groups one at a time, although I doubt it’s common issue for most.

in example #3 I’m spamming my custom “select religious unit” (I) hotkey followed by ctrl+1. It seems like this one is poorly illustrated. It was my experience that the hotkey sequence wasn’t working properly if done rapidly. I don’t dare to to speak confidently about this since it was a while back, and the video doesn’t seem too convincing. If this was the case however, this might be the bigger issue, although it could be solved in-game by having a bound buttong for “select all X units” + add to control group. instad of spamming the “cycle through unit X” + add to control group.

To be honest, these are all minor inconsistencies only happening in rare cases of very fast clicking. It might be useful for reference some day, but that’s it.