I hope the production team will be a new religious unit in Italy Inquisitor and Nuncio of the Holy See (Main city Shipping cards can be transported) with heroes in Rome The Pope produces only on Basilica, stables Unit Utili and Condottiere, churchTraining rogues, Italian monks and their own technology,Also, take the architects and merchant in the town center On behalf of the pioneers, the explorer was completely regarded as a cardinal make And make the crossbow cavalry from the stables of the Danish holy Luo empire and Chasseur(only on France and Russian) take it to

This guy is a prophet and he has predicted an Asian DLC in October.

Look here @FiveWind6951746 lol


Nostradamus or an infiltrator in the offices of FE xd… we want Persia and Oman…


i mean i have seen some get even more right.

no one expected malta, except ofc @AssertiveWall20 who predicted it.

of the 4 factions mentioned here only 1 was added, and well it was always going to be in the top 3 of factions likely to be added.


South German Federation isnt a thing, its primarily based on the Holy Roman Empire.

Also I am against another Euro dlc, Denmark is basically the only civ left I would want from Europe, but I dont want it added soon, as we got too many euro civs and barely any Asian or African ones. And dont get me started on Malta being added, such a joke, in both quality and wider theme of the game.

Regardless of that, the devs do work hard and people, liie me, complain way too much on here. Its easy to write lists of demands when you arent the one who needs to make them reality. Not to mention that a lot is just a bad idea. I mean just OPs post in itself is a list of demands which would require an extreme amount of work which is just not worth it and would alter the game way too much.

Well its not just the factions… he said new maps, natives, treasures, trade routes … basically predicted an entire dlc based in Europe when none of us thought that they’d actually makes European maps based in Europe

You miss the point… OP isnt demanding them. He is predicting that it’s coming.

The English isnt good, and i used to think he is demanding these things. But who knows? XD


The only realistic European options left are Denmark, Poland, and Prussia. I can’t really see Denmark and Poland being much more than generic euro civs and we’ve got enough of those for now. Prussia on the other hand has a bit more potential. Instead of being a generic euro civ it could follow the form of the colonial civs and age up by adding German states to represent their role in unifying Germany.

If we get more civs, Asia is definitely the most overdue. There’s lots of great options like Persians, Omanis, Uzbeks, Burmese, Siamese, Javanese, Malaysians, Koreans, or splitting India into Mughals Mysoreans and Marathas.

Couldn’t agree more. Hospitallers would have been a perfect fit for a religious settlement, not a full civ that upends the theme of the game. And to add insult to injury they’re really shoddily made.


I disagree on Prussia, its already in the game with the Germans, no need for two German civs.

And having it like the colonial civs is breaking the concept of region/group mechanics.

Poles can be added too now because Malta is a thing, but still if, for example, we could only get 4 more civs max, I wouldnt want any of them to be European, nor colonial. And I would say AoE III doesnt need many more civs, not in the sense of representation, but purely in the sense of whats possible with mechanica without duplicating too much and it becoming blend and boring, which in my opinion the royale houses are. (and I am complaining too much towards the devs, I know, they work hard and deserve credit for it, but I still disagree with part of their descissions)

If I got my way, which I obviously dont advocate for, the civs I would like to see added would be:

  • Kongo
  • Mapuche
  • Persians
  • A civ somewhere in the Indonesian Islands or Indochina.

And as for minor civs:

  • Muisca, or atleast a civ to replace the Inca one, with new units, instead of Inca ones. Just like the Warchiefs did for Iroqouis, Lakota and Aztec settlements from vanilla.
  • A new one, if for lets say, the Mapuche were added to replace the mapuche one.

As for maps:

  • I would actually rather have them remove some maps, especially in Europe as it is way too cluttered in my opinion.
  • Totally new European outlaws as the current ones, in my opinion, seem to be more of a joke/easter egg than good units. Mainly talking about plague doctor and witch hunter. Not even totally new ones, I think there already is a bandit unit? Just have them more. In the New World maps you only have the three main ones, pistolero, renegado and the comanchero or whatever its named.

Also on a totally different note, I want them to name the European militiaman, nametunim (why the fuck cant I write that name without it being cencored???) again, as they ruined, which I atleast perceived it as, a funny joke, witht he minuteman losing hp, like taking the name literally as it being a man which has a minute.

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I like Malta. Glad it was added.


I don’t see why this is a bad thing. They share a lot of similarities and the group would just be “nation building civs”. The mechanics of the colonial civs are very interesting and I’d much rather have those features via Prussia instead of another new world nation that doesn’t fit the timeframe of the game.

Restricting geographically is also overly limiting. Far apart nations like Persia and Morocco share enough similarities to make an “Islamic civ” category. Similarly, Haida and Maori could be grouped in a “Seafarer civ” category.

If we could only get a limited number of civs, my order of priority would be something like this:

  1. Islamic World: Persia + Morocco and/or Oman
  2. Pacific: Haida + Maori
  3. Southeast Asia: Siam + Java
  4. Southern Africa: Shona + Kongo and/or Zulu
  5. Americas: Cree + Mapuche
  6. Splitting India and Germany: Austria/Prussia + Mughals/Mysore/Marathi
  7. West Africa: Akan + Yoruba (replace minors with Mossi and Igbo)
  8. Americas 2: Maya + Guaraní
  9. Asia: Korea + Uzbeks
  10. Northern Europe: Danes + Poles
    11: Southeast Asia 2: Burma + Malaya
    12: Americas 3: Muscogee or Cherokee + Comanche or Apache
    13: East Africa: Sudanese + Somalis (replace with ###### Maasai, Bedouin, etc)
    14: Colonial civs: Gran Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, etc

I don’t know how much more support the game will get, but it would be awesome to get at least a few of those.

We definitely need something like Muisca to replace the Mesoamericans in South America. I think the Quechua just need different units. They could have a slinger instead of a Bolas Warrior that functions differently from the Incan unit. They also had swords and halberds that could replace the Huaminca.

Minutemen are an American unique unit now. The name is because they were ready at a minute’s notice.

I know about the historical name.

I dont like it as in the original game it was a joke name for the minuteman as it literally basically dies within a minute as it loses hp every second. And because now it is called militiaman the joke is gone, which I dont like.

Yes,probably…i think the same about that…