3 Drinks in and I Just have to say - this is one of the greatest RTS games of all time

I get that we live in the shadow of AOK, but let’s have a little perspective here. We’re 16 years post-release and the game still has an active community with (recently added) awesome devs and thousands of players. This game is, in every sense of the word, a classic that has stood the test of time. Awesome job original devs, and awesome job new devs.

Edit: So hyped for the new civ! ¡Viva la Mexico!


Since when did the new developers come in? because really since they started to rework the Incas, better patches have been released


The FE and Tauntalus guys are the new devs, the ESO guys are the original devs (and whoever did TAD)


5 drinks and 2 more wins in — still a fantastic game


It’s an incredible game that I remember buying as a young kid and going to get warchiefs etc when it released. I think it’s still relevant now because it’s so different from everything else, aoe4 is just not the same and way more like aoe2, not that it’s a bad game but it just doesn’t interest me as an aoe3 fan.


Tactical warthogs approve this message.


I’ve heard it said and will say “AOE3 is like a fine wine, that only gets better with age” and this is true.

Its not a beginners RTS to easily pick up, but once one really understands RTS and the complexities of this game, find it rewarding and infinitely appreciated for all its dynamics, details, and depth of strategic play.