3 the most insane achives. Srsly, this must be changed. This totally does not have sense

Genghis Khan 3 - I was in China Before
Win before the Chinese start building the wonder of the world.
They start building it at the 42 minute mark. In this case, the player starts without a base at all and without peasants - he must first find all this, raise the base absolutely from scratch, having low resources, create an army and demolish the enemy, who occupies half the map. Devs, are you crazy?
Previously, it could be taken by leading the workers to the rear, passing through the back gate by trickery and brazenly building a town hall right next to the enemy’s. But it was fixed. Now the enemy town hall has kinda hidden +1000% life and you won’t destroy it like that. Suffer the player. Fit it into 42 minutes however you want!
This achievement is totally INSANE and undoable. Whoever made it, either made a mistake and never tried to take it or he just mocks on players. Things like that must not exist.

Upd. I finally took it but it does not mean everything is fine now. The key to victory is cannoneers, who need to be taken on the left side of map, we can get to them behind the wall using transport. Then go with them to storm the yellow. But in any case, this is very difficult, because they need massive cover and a high-speed economy with a bunch of bases and multitasking.

Attila 5 - Truly Countless Bodies
Kill all enemies in 30 min
This one I also could take, however I wasted too much on it, it does not worth.
2 of 3 enemies are nothing but the blue is insane Skynet and the only chance to win in time is destroy him right on the start. The problem is that now he is represented by the Roman race and from the very beginning he was given an army superior in quantity and quality. You can still win if you agro the army against yourself with one unit and defeat it with the rest. And I did it. But it took too many tries. This AI shouldn’t be so crazy.

Alaric 4 Rome - Rome was destroyed in One Day
Kill all castles in 30 min
Same. Whoever did this - give your parents to try this one, ok?
The problem is not only that the player must do everything, kill everyone and do it in 30 minutes, but also that hellish microcontrol is needed in densely built conditions. The eyes simply run wild, it is extremely difficult for the player to track every second of action and filter out which units, in what environment and situation he sees. This is an impossible achievement.

I want to SPECIFICALLY explain for those who want to say that I am a noob and don’t know how to play - I took all the other campaign achievements in general (not counting DLC).

Change them. Seriously. A game is fun. Not suffering and mocking.

From my Steam profile, just to show you it is very much possible:

As for actually getting them:

  • Rome Was Destroyed in One Day: Use five Town Centers to boom to 120-140 villagers by 15-ish minutes, and then use Cavalier and Trebuchets to win. You need to use the starting military to activate your allies as soon as possible. Split the starting vils between building a Castle in the direction of the first enemy Castle, and between building two TCs. You’ll need about three groups of 3-5 trebs each going through the city, send one through your entrance (above your starting area), and send one group to each of your ally’s attack routes. And then just flood cavalier all over the city.
  • Truly Countless Bodies: You just have to drop a ton of stables, a market, a blacksmith, and a mining camp on gold. Then spam only knights, selling all your stone to do so. Send knights after both Blue and Green. You need to constantly run around and snipe villagers, attacking vils forces them to delete foundations, if they get a Castle up, you’re in trouble. Once you kill both of them, group all 60-70ish knights together, and kill Teal, which Red should come and help you with. TWest has a video of how to use this approach.
  • Into China: It’s very much possible, I actually found it the easiest of the three by a fairly significant margin. You send the starting units west, capture the stuff from the Siege Engineers there, then transport across to the Jin island and set up your TC and base at the northern tip. From there, build up towards Mangudai, run around and snipe all their stuff, and they shouldn’t be able to start building.

This night I already took 2 of them. I SUFFERED. I didn’t enjoy the game!

Every game has few such achievements which are very hard to get and unenjoyable.

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Just to check, you do know you can get the achievements on any difficulty level? Generally, they’re much easier on standard than hard.

You can pause the game to micro everything if you are not that used to fast playing and put your game on slow


Ofc I did it on easy.

This I know and used it.

I dont want to be rude, BUT you are not good enough for those missions yet, OR, you indeed are, but you lack some perseverance to find a way to beat them

As I already said, I took 2 of them. So I am the one among 0.8% who did it. And I have the very last one left in non-dlc campaigns. I am good. It’s just the achives are nonsense.

They are not non-sense, just require a non-standard approach…

Just saying, but TWest did all the achievements on hard mode IIRC, so it’s totally possible, especially if you play them on standard

If you don’t enjoy the really hard gameplay just don’t get the achievements, they are not mandatory, they are side content specifically made to test the skill of a player in hard situations, I know it’s frustrating, they were really hard for me too, but overall I had a good time trying to beat them, and finally doing so was really satisfying


That said, with the introduction of Romans, the Atilla and Alaric ones definitely got harder I’m pretty sure.


Yes. And as if this was not enough, in Attila’s mission the Romans were also given a new, superior army that cannot be destroyed, but can only be lured away.


i was intrigued and tried getting it, took me about 4 or 5 proper attempts, it’s pretty hard.
immediately build 5 tcs and a lumber camp. queue vils and research the wood upgrade. all vils gather wood and food, no stone or gold at first. build farms whenever you have 60 wood.
send your starting army (-the light cav) east, kill the small army and destroy the towers. send one villager to your yellow ally, start building a castle, then 2-3 stables and a monastry.
your light cav explores the map to the west (make sure to find all the sheep) and then goes straight to your other ally.
research cavalier and blast furnace once your food eco is ready.
eventually build a market and make about 10 trade carts to trade with yellow.

military approach: your main push is from west (where yellow is) to north, on this path you can take out 9 castles, yellow should be helping you, although the AI is brain dead and sends its soldiers to their death half the time and somewhere completely different the other half.
my army consisted almost entirely of cavalier and trebuchets. start pushing once you can afford 1-2 trebs and about 10 cavalier. most of your army will go along this side, eventually your main army will try to move forward to kill the northern most castles while the reinforcements clean up the rest.
also send 2 trebs and a few cavalier as protection along the south to kill the remaining 3 castles which are rangeable from the outside.

the reason for cavalier: it’s usually not a good unit for goths (missing bloodlines and last armour) but i wanted to pack as much punch as possible with few units and have fast reenforcement.
i had some monks with me to convert centurions + any other units and do some healing. take some villagers to the front too to repair trebs and build forward castles, monastries and stables for production.

I hope this helps, this is probably the hardest achievement, but not impossible.


Isnt’ the Attila achievement one the one where the Romans don’t do anything? they are just set dressing for the city of Rome, where the Pope is and Attila has to go to at the end

Edit: Ornlu did Alaric 4 with the achievement and the Romans here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMv7O8mp0X4

Also Attila 5 with the achievement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uviuxvyRi9Y

Edit: that’s Attila 6, my bad

No, the really hard Atilla one is the Cataluanian fields one, where you have to defeat all three enemies in sub 30 mins. The other one where they can’t finish any wonders is also super hard though.

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Ah yes, I mistook Attila 6 with Attila 5, anyway, Ornlu also did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6aRnPRmBQs

I have all of them. I’m only missing Masterpiece and the two new RoR achievements (and only missing those because the game was bugged when I bet the campaigns).

i got masterpiece playing against some friends who were new to the game, but you can always just set up a lobby where people just resign to give you this one

I know, I just haven’t bothered yet.